How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep, Every Night

How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep, Every Night

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How to get a good night’s sleep every night? Now that is something we all want to know. When I sleep well it makes my day go easiser. Is that true for you also? 

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Do you wake up refreshed every morning following a good night’s sleep, or are you similar to many others within the population and wake up feeling fatigued?

There are so many causes of tiredness that you really need to tune into your own body to discover the culprit. Many people assume that fatigue is always due to a medical problem.

And often it is, however making small lifestyle changes and adjustments to your environment will also help. As we all want a good night sleep, yes?

Remember to consult your medical practitioner if your tiredness comes on suddenly or is starting to affect daily life.

This article aims to highlight some of the most common causes of tiredness and how to get a good night’s sleep. 


a good night sleep

Anaemia is caused by a lack of iron in the blood, this affects the ability of red blood cells to work effectively. It is common in ladies who have heavy periods, in pregnancy, digestion issues and poor diet.

Do know that Anaemia causes extreme tiredness and often needs treating with iron tablets prescribed from a medical practitioner. Increasing foods that are rich in iron will help, such foods include, red meat, eggs and green vegetables.

And there are so many more options to deal with anemia. Did you know that blackstrap molasses is so high in iron? So just a couple of tablespoons per day will get your back on your feet.  Or even bake ginger cookies and use blackstrap molasses as the sweetner. You can use it in salad dressings too!  It does not taste as sweet, it has its own flavor.Definitely worth the try!

Toxic Home Syndrome, can impact your good night sleep

There are so many toxins within the air that we breath in our homes. The toxins are caused by mold spores, chemicals, gases, dust and dander. The buildup of toxins cause us to lack energy, affects our ability to sleep and causes a higher incidence of viruses and infections.

Mold in our homes can be a serious problem and it needs to be eliminated effectively. Once mold spores take hold, it is very difficult to keep on top of it.

Thankfully there are experts available to call upon like who can remove mold effectively using an eco friendly method. 

Mold can impact your breathing and your ability to have a good night’s sleep. Do not overlook this.

This is a serious issue. Please do not neglect mold in your home. There are major issues that can happen because of mold. From fatigue and foggy thinking to feeling really cruddy. So if you do suspect mold, do contact your local city management . They will  refer you to  who can help you with this problem. 

Stress, arggh that again? 

Being stressed at work or within our personal life sends our bodies into “fight or flight” mode. If the hormones released during this process are not expelled they build up causing insomnia. 

Lack of sleep and too much stress lowers energy levels considerably making it very difficult to function effectively.

Do consider my go to, meditation. When we use meditation during the day at least 2x per day, we do get a good night’s sleep.  Here are some options to consider if you need meditation ideas. 

a good night's sleep

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

Many people suffer extreme tiredness during the dark winter months. This is due to a deficiency in vitamin D, increase in the hormone melatonin (which makes you sleepy) and low serotonin levels.

Thankfully SAD can be treated effectively, so consult your medical practitioner.  

reach out for help for a good night's sleep


Insomnia is frustrating to sufferers, as you feel tired but can’t sleep. Even when you do fall asleep your are likely to wake up often in the night, or at a ridiculously early hour.

Causes of insomnia include stress, anxiety, shift work, alcohol, caffeine and jet lag. To counteract insomnia you could try adopting a regular bedtime routine. 

Avoiding taking your phone into the bedroom, avoiding caffeine and reducing your alcohol consumption.

Create a sleep inducing atmosphere in your bedroom by ensuring it is dark, at a comfortable temperature and noise free (if possible!)

When we are ready for bed, to insure a night of great rest, do consider doing a gratitude list. It helps to put our mind into a place that is rested, grateful and stress free.

For your good night sleep, just check off in your heart and head all that was full of joy for that day. No matter how small, each moment created energy for change and goodness. 

gratitude for a good night's sleep

Often it is hard to pinpoint the actual cause, so it is worth consulting your medical practitioner for advice.


We all truly want to get some sleep yes? And when we do not get that good night of sleep we are feeling a bit wrecked for the day to come. Taking action to insure that our habits and routine are leading us to a good night sleep is vital to our wellbeing. 

So do consider, meditation, limiting your device usage before bed, and make sure that your bedroom is soothing and refuge like. 


7 thoughts on “How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep, Every Night

  1. I have not had why I have a hard time sleeping looked at. I would not be surprised if it is linked to my health. I know I need to get that in order too. Stress is a big factor in my sleep loss as well. I really need to start trying to monitor my sleep better. Any suggestions, Ariel?

    1. Hello Brit, Indeed sleep is such a major part in our health. And not sleeping well can really change our lives and how we think. So there are so many things to think about Brit. First off, no blue screens an hour before bed. And trying a meditation of gratitude before sleep always helps me. Also just sitting with myself for a few minutes seems to bring me into my more centered space. And just saying I love you to the Universe seems to squash any thoughts and stress. HOpe this helps. Big hugs and hopes for easy and comfortable sleep. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Dear Ariel,

    Wow what a great advice “For your good night sleep, just check off in your heart and head all that was full of joy for that day. No matter how small, each moment created energy for change and goodness. ” Thanks for sharing another great and useful post.

    Your Friend,

  3. You are so right Ariel, we all want a good nights sleep. When we have a great nights sleep, then we feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Thanks for the great suggestion regarding backstrap molasses. I actually like liquorice so I will buy myself some today as a special treat!
    These were great tips, you forgot to mention sleep apnoea though. I was just wondering if you have ever tried lavender or another essential oils to help you get a good nights sleep?

    1. Hello Glenys, oh great thought about essential oils for sleep apnea. I am so glad you stopped by. And blackstrap molasses is good for som many ails. so licorice is a great idea. And you deserve a treat every day Glenys! In peace and gratitude, ariel

    2. Hello Glenys, hmm you are right I did not mention sleep apnea. I have heard about esssential oils to help with sleep. I have not tried them. And I am grateful for the tip. So happy you stopped by. Hope to see you again soon. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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