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Today I was telling a friend about something that happened so many years ago. I was totally perplexed that it came up. But for some reason, today, it showed itself to me. And I wondered why today? And what was I supposed to do with it? How do you know when the universe is trying to tell you something?


It certainly felt like a message was coming my way. That a new way of viewing yesterday, was the gift of today. That it was time for the healing space. The letting go. The no longer holding on to that which might have been holding me captive.

Surprisingly, it took me to a place of sadness. but there was no longer angst about it. In fact, I felt like I had more clarity.

Along with the very grown up sense of readiness to fully say I am letting this go. It no longer serves me. I am getting the gift of the messenger today.

looking upward

I wondered about the transformation that the Universe always shows us. When do we realize we are being shown something?

If we do not get it the first time, luckily for us humans, we get to experience it yet again. Nature and the Universe truly conspire to make sure we get the message.

After all, in fact, how does the butterfly know when it is time to break open the cocoon?


butterfly coming out of cocoon

We all know the story of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. But does the caterpillar think as it enters the cocoon that this might be death? Or does the caterpillar just have the faith that this is its path?

In the cocoon, there is this amazing space of transformational metamorphosis. Everything about the caterpillar is morphed into something it was not before. The utter magic of the cocoon is the story we all want to hear.

That indeed we do have the opportunity throughout our lifetime for great change. Perhaps that is what this journey for us called life is all about. Finding the path of the process to ultimate change.

Knowing we are not our experiences, but rather we are the ultimate truth of our hearts.


Starting out, the caterpillar, is unable to see beyond the blades of grass, Its view of the world is tiny. But does it know it is not seeing beyond the blades of grass? Does it wonder if there is something it is missing?

So it begins building and spinning the cocoon. Providing the infrastructure of safety for complete transformation.

When the butterfly finally emerges, it just knows and believes it will fly and soar. Can we imagine that kind of trust and faith? Yet somehow it is built into the cycle of the butterfly. It is the Universal language.

Even its new job of providing life giving exchange of nectar from one flower to another, is such a lofty, life affirming gift.

butterfly with finger and flower
Now this beautiful, amazing, awesome butterfly has the ability to experience aerial views on such a large level.. Can we possibly imagine this kind of transformation?

It is the ultimate life-loving metaphor, isn’t it?

Do we as humans realize our reach is that strong?

Every day it feels like to me that the Universe is handing us gifts. The choice is whether we accept them or even see the gift of it.


You know the experience of thinking about something, and suddenly during the day, unexpectedly, the thought comes up in conversation? I think of this as a sign. And although we might sometimes go, oh I don’t believe in signs. I am a firm believer that the Universe always hears us and provides us with just what we needed.

Even if it is not exactly how we thought we would be delivered the information.

believe in yourself

And it is about the willingness of receiving the information. Sometimes the information comes to us via a stranger or an email or a chance meeting. Or literally a sign on the road. It is about being able to recognize the sign. We are always, whether we can hear it or not, our being is always connected to the Universe.

And the times when you are getting information you can feel your body radar rising. It might be a feeling of more attentiveness or alertness. Or something that catches your eye. Or your heart starts beating quicker. You know that feeling?
In meditation, we are connecting with the Universe. Whatever shows up in your sitting can be a message, or a sign or symbol of information.


With each moment of wondering how we need to connect the dots, the Universe shows up with a sweet sense of serendipity. For instance a fun thing, like thinking of a friend. The phone rings. Yup, its the friend you were just thinking about.

And we always giggle when it happens in complete amazement. But it is not magic, it is our vibrational energetics connecting to the Universe.
And we call it serendipity. Serendipity is the bow on the most beautiful package. It draws us in with its creative pull.

package with bow


Then there are times, when our past rises up in a way that is not sweet. And we have to make the choice of how we are going to handle it. Dear Reader, how do we handle these things?

And what is the Universe telling us by bringing it to our attention?
Because whether we like it or not, if are not quite ready to attend to it now, well guess what? You know this answer don’t you? it will come around again, in a different form to make it quite clear. And if we don’t get it that next time. It’s amazingly patient, it will just keep showing up until we do.

understanding patience

So when we are in process, we cannot shorten the time. It is on its own time frame. The time frame of us. When we are ready to absorb and hear, and do the necessary internal changes. It can happen in seconds or decades.
It is a bit like not allowing the caterpillar to go through its stages in the cocoon. Instead of waiting for the Universe to do its work, we cut open the cocoon. Arggh. That never works does it?

butterfly and cocoon

And by cutting open the cocoon we did not allow process of change to take place. We have circumvented the gifts of the Universe. We have used our impatience to determine what is not ours to decide.
It doesn’t mean we cannot instantly change. But it does mean, no change will happen if we choose not to honor the process.


It is truly important that we pay attention to the details of what is happening to us. For in that space we find the capacity to receive all that the Universe is trying to get us to understand. When something comes to us as impactful, it is the gift we are seeking.
It just shines in its own simplicity. There is nothing more we need to do. We just accept it with gratitude.

i am grateful

Whatever you really need to know will be shown to you by the universe. It is in our open eyes and receiving heart that we learn and hear what needs to present itself.
I truly believe the Universe is a deeply loving entity, welcoming and encouraging us to listen and love as we climb to our highest good.
So next time, Dear Reader, something amazing happens, or a point is made that leaves you in awe, know that you have just been bestowed a priceless gift. The Universe just came knocking at your heart!

grass and heart

Just smile, love it, and say thank you.

I would really like to hear what your experiences have been of the Universe showing up in your life.

Do share your stories here please


In peace and gratitude, with abundance flowing,

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