HOW DO WE DEFINE OUR LIVES? Character or Caricature?

HOW DO WE DEFINE OUR LIVES? Character or Caricature?

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“Relax and dream up a good life.” Jim Carrey.

I saw a YouTube of the actor talking. He said we need to choose what we want and then to ask for it in our life.

That of course started an internal conversation. Am I the manifestation of what my family or society expected me to be? Or in fact a caricature or a character of my own making?

Ah, another rabbit hole or an opening for light?

So let’s define this. We are all brought up with external projections and expectations of what “they” think we should be in our life.

Let’s say a character would be of our own making. While, a caricature is trying to be something that is not heart centered or authentic, a mimic, or only a part of the truth.

So the character is the protagonist, the heroine. The caricature would be the antagonist, the nemesis, the darkness, of our lives.

At what point do we choose to be the protagonist in our own ongoing script?

Is it when we finally realize that those that love us do not always get where our ask for our life is?

Hmm, that sounded complicated.

Let’s break this down. If my mother thought I should be a dental hygienist, but my natural leaning was to creating art, there is a bit of a pull there. Wouldn’t you say?

She wanted me to have a profession that would be stable and provide an income. I get that. I know she lived during the 1930s depression. Money and want was a huge part of her reality, fear and life.

I did not have that experience with money. But yet, because of her experience I was privy to her fear. So money became a nemesis in her life. And I guess I could say by proxy, so it did in mine.

I just fought against it. She railed at me about it. I became a hippie. She lived in suburbia.

But all along, I knew that somewhere deep inside her was a place that needed her love. That if she had allowed herself to ask for her life’s dreams, she would have been more of an extraordinary, creative, happy woman.

And in reality, had I listened to her I would have a much fuller retirement fund. So the struggle was upending the balance of rebellion vs fear.

Our nemesis can be money, social expectations, fear, denial, cultural norms, social media, the media, religion, standard of beauty, social standard of wealth and status, and most prevalent, misinformation.

When we have the pressure of the outer world taking the liberty of trying to define us, it builds a wall of confusion. The hero’s journey is allayed because external expectations are a great pull.

A misnomer of paths construed with debris of a life that could have been lived. The debris of disappointment and emptiness. A life that did not reflect its own light.

Unless! Unless we realize we are so much more! When we decide to get gut honest about our stuff. Ouch!

But it is also a gift. The internal gift of insight. Our hearts asking to be heard. And we in turn say, I hear you. I am finding my way to acknowledging that which is my truth.

So, it is the journey, the curriculum of this 3D human condition.

Do we know what we truly want?
Do we know how to ask?

Big questions. Questions that cannot easily be answered in this moment. But we have hints deep inside our heart.

Dare we ask for the answers? Are we willing to hear?

Being a character, takes self character action, determination and heart. Being a caricature is being led by external forces.

Jim Carrey wrote himself a check for a million dollars, for 5 years ahead. He saw himself being paid that much for a movie. He visualized it. He affirmed it daily. And five years later his check was more than doubled. He knew how to ask.

Dear readers, what are your asks?

Are you willing to bring them out into the sunlight? Are you ready to define and live them?

Am I?

That I am guessing is another day of writing.
May light guide your path, and love be your song.

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One thought on “HOW DO WE DEFINE OUR LIVES? Character or Caricature?

  1. Hi Ariel,

    I love the themes you write about, I can connect with them on such a deep level! We should talk about caricatures more, when are we really being our authentic selves? Even when we think we’re being true to ourselves, our programming disables us to act in truly authentic manner.

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    Lots of love,
    Spela xx

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