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Holistic Success or

External Success?                     

                                              Wow, what does that mean?

Do we decide success based on our own internal needs or societal needs?

For instance, we are so programmed to be successful in the external terms of society that we sometimes make choices that we know are not in our best interest.

I know you get this because how many times has someone close to us said something like:  you should be fill in the blank?

And then instead of listening to that which really drives us we plow ahead without thinking about the consequence to our psyche and our hearts. And then we wonder what happened to our lives.

Externalized success is that which has been defined by society.  Make loads of money,  work 120 hours per week, have a huge house...right?

Internal success is that which is defined by our own inner voice. How many times have we had that "uh oh" feeling because we knew we dismissed our inner guidance voice?

When we are in the process of internal success we are in sync with our deepest desires and guidance.

And through my journey of getting well, it has been a process of understanding the gift of self. Which has been an interesting journey of letting go,  and banishing self judgment. Argh!

Facing full reality of accepting that if I am not willing to look deep into the heart of my self,  I cannot expect to understand where my path of success truly leads!

So on this page we are going to explore the ideas of:


life is happening for us

My sense of holistic success is knowing that it is not externalized. It is a deep well of integrated heart, love, mind, body and spiritual calling.

Choosing to live in holistic success to me means I have made the choice to honor that voice of sweet guidance. I have learned it has my best interest in mind!  And that I am living in the presence of heart centered moments.

The universe is here for our best interests.

It is our knowing that the universe is not working against us.

I am creating my world according to that which resonates with my authentic self while being of service to others. And I respectfully pay homage to that!

So how do we create Holistic Success?

1.Start with a list of what you value.

2. Write down what brings you joy.

3. What gives your body the support it needs?

4. What is your vibrancy quotient? ( what makes you feel truly alive}

5. How are you training your thoughts to become positive reality?

6. Did you touch/reach out/hug someone today and bring them a moment of self value? (  try to do this every day?)

7. How do you want to spend your day in ways that fulfill you?

After completing this process and seeing your answers, I am sure you will see the beginnings of a road map to what truly matters to you. Use these answers to frame your daily activities and thoughts. You will be surprised at how differently and more alive you will feel!

Let me know what holistic success looks like to you!

I look forward to hearing from you!

ariel@success-full-living.com or add comments below.

Wishing you great holistic growth on every dimension of success!


19 thoughts on “HOLISTIC SUCCESS

  1. Your website really resonated with me and I’m sure as you said will do with many others.

    Ironically it pretty much sums up my experience on WA to an extent also, i.e. the need to review items, etc. within your website. When actually that would have no place on the website I plan and am passionate about. It’s easy to become distracted by ‘fashionable’ routes.

    Thanks as you’ve actually reassured me that my focus on the content and topic I enjoy is the right way forward and if I continue to commit to as I have done then it will lead to success (which I define)


    1. Thank you Dan for this thoughtful reply. I am hoping that talking from the heart is the focus and content that will work! I am truly grateful for your comments! in peace and gratitude, ariel

      Let me know how your website is going.would love to see it!

  2. I have some homework to do! You have touched something within my soul that is much bigger than me, and ultimately I knew was there, but never fully awake because I never allowed it to be.

    I can’t explain it, but, it’s real.

    I believe things happen in our lives, good or bad, and for a reason.

    Argh, as you say and every lesson has a silver lining.

    No closing salutation just gratefulness with gratitude.


    1. i hear you Becky! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. I see it as a treasured gift. Please know I am here to hear how your journey is going…and perhaps we can share it? Let me know what your next step is.
      I am so pleased you took that step of choice to all this is so lovely inside of you!
      May your spirit fly!
      Big hugs, ariel

  3. Hi Ariel,
    I think your website id great and everything you say really resounds with me. My own journey to spirituality started when I suffered from severe depression and I had no choice but to find another way of surviving. I had to look within and that’s when I started seeing the truths of the universe so to speak.
    It is not often I come across others who are in the same place as me and that is fine, as I know we are all on our own journey in our own time. But I do often wonder, from what I have seen so far, wether the only path to enlightenment is through suffering so much with something that you are forced to look for another way to survive. kind of like a survival instinct mechanism. What are your thoughts on this? And did it happen like this for you? I know I wouldn’t be who I am now or where I am now on my spiritual path if I hadn’t suffered from depression.

    1. Hello! And welcome, so many thanks for resonating with this space. I love your insight and thoughts. Great questions Stefanie…makes for another blog possibly! There is a part of me that thinks that our souls make contracts prior to entering our 3D bodies about the kind of experiences we choose to have. Then we have to follow the lesson plan so to speak. So we are constantly on our soul journey of melding that which is our physical vehicle and our soul needs. I think like you, each lesson and experience is fundamentally in our best interest. Whether or not we can see it at the moment is up for debate..yes?

      I know I did not have a choice of letting everything stay as is…but making the choice to change is a process that is still ongoing. So my experience with literally being unable to speak, care for myself and being partially paralyzed was the most intense lesson of the universe shaking me and saying ok Ariel…what are you going to do now?
      Many mystery schools suggest that suffering is the only way to truly navigate back to our true home of self. It seems that you and I are the examples of this. Now that we have had this experience, can we learn a bit less intensely? huh…I truly hope so!
      I am inspired by your journey. I look forward to hearing more about it. in peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Thank you, Ariel, for the gift of your new presence in my life. Your words, across all the portions of your site, stirred something within me that has been too long ignored by my inner knowingness. It’s not that I hadn’t ‘known’ or been ‘aware of’ what I need to do, but it has been sheer laziness or giving in to the easier path that has kept me static. With your inspirational guidance and, perhaps, a friendly nudge from time to time, I intend to change some old habits and patterns…..some are old ways of Thinking and some are old ways of Being in the world. I am truly grateful for the Light you bring and hope our new-found friendship flourishes and enriches us both.

  5. Rachel,
    Thank you for your very kind words of encouragement. I agree that we all need nudges at times! I am excited to hear about your new journey..and glad we get to share it.

  6. Hello Ariel,

    That ” What are you going to do now?” place. I have been there and often find myself thinking back on “that place” to which I am thankful for today. Being humbled to our knees as they say, certainly seems to be a common denominator that triggers one to begin realizing what truly matters in the world. I believe you could surely do an entire blog on the subject of suffering and awakening.

    I am a big fan of Martha Beck life coach. A quote she has is “The mirror image of suffering is the truth”. Her book “Diana Herself” an Allegory of Awakening is worth reading if you have not done so already.

    You have a keen insight into this subject and I can see you have found your calling (at least one of them). I have bookmarked your site and look forward to reading and learning more.

    Thank you!


    1. Dear Cindy! Isn’t this curriculum of life quite something? I know that sense of being humbled to our knees. And apparently we share that experience. I would love to hear how you have awakened from your journey. Thank you for the suggestion of the book. Thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words. I do hope you will come back soon! I look forward to hearing about your journey and perception of life. in peace and gratitude, ariel

  7. Hi Ariel,

    This is a great article about holistic success, and it really resonates with me as this is a very similar topic to what I enjoy reading about.

    I definitely want to go through the list you mention in your post – it seems like a great way to be more self-aware too! I will definitely give this a go the next time I have a few quiet moments to myself 🙂


    1. Hello Sophie, So many thanks for visiting and for the encouraging words! I hope you will continue to join me as we go through this journey of life. Do let me know how the list works for you. Give yourself the gift of quiet moments. You deserve it. The stillness is rejuvenating! Wishing you showers of blessings and sweet joy.

  8. Ariel! I adore your blog and all your wisdom especially about success being a hollistic approach. As a millennial I feel my generation is becoming more conscious of holistic success leading to the happier life and most importantly allowing the universe to meet us where we are. After answering the questions you provided I discovered much about where my heart is compared to what I actually do in my days.

    1. Lisa! So many thanks for being here and leaving a comment. You give me hope that indeed heart centric living can be a movement to great change! I would love to hear more about your journey.I know you will lead the way. Wishing you great vision. In peace and gratitude,

  9. Hi Ariel,
    I always so enjoy reading your posts. It is like coming home for me. I resonate with so much of what you have to say. Our journeys have some parallels, although I have not have the physical challenges you have had. The list is a good one, that I will definitely work on!

    1. Hello Annie, I am so glad you stopped by. Many thanks. I would truly like to hear more about your journey. Do share please! Let me know how this works for you. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  10. Ariel,
    I like the 7 questions you posed. I think if we answer those 7 questions, we will definitely see the beginnings of a road map to what truly matters to us. I think sometimes in life we are on a path that does not fulfill us and we then feel empty. When we pursue what we love, it brings a whole new happy step into our lives and leads us to the path of success.

  11. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the post and I got some new insights. I felt really great while reading “Did you touch/reach out/hug someone today and bring them a moment of self value? ( try to do this every day?)” that’s the reason we are here right? To share our love to others and to care for others. Great post!

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello Paul, I know that is the reason we are all here to make sure we connect. And I know that you do this so beautifully. YOu make the world such a lovely place to be. In peace and gratitude, ariel

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