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The thought struck me that each step I take, is a direct reflection of how I view it. And where I choose to see my worthiness.

We know, that we are our thoughts. But this, hit me differently. This was presenting as a road map. And an understanding of how I make my choices. Hitch or hatch is the question.

Are our steps openings or closings?

When I choose to use judgment I am seeing the hitch, the obstacle the problem. And it is something that is probably not true, nor in my best interest.

When I choose to use a hatch, I am opening myself to the Universal path of great possibility.


How often do we confront this on a daily basis? Way too often to count for me!

Well, I have a computer story that finally showed me where my hitch was. And I have to admit it was really a journey of frustration. Please don’t laugh, dear reader. But I have been trying to replace my computer for several months. Yup.

In fact, I have been so diligent, that I have bought at least 7 different machines. And each machine had dilemmas. And each machine was returned. And with each return, I had to then again do research for my perfect computer.

And with each step of the way, my frustration became an object lesson.

I am hesitant to even admit it. But I am going to take a breath. And I know that my process is not entirely unique to me. Smile, laugh or grin along. Or feel free to grimace!

Here is where the hitch is. I was looking for perfection in ways that did not align with my true sense of worthiness. Or better said, I was not willing to pay for that which I did deserve.

Ouch! So after so many months, and the 8th computer being sent back. I really had to look at this. Was this something I was doing wrong? Was it possible that all these computers really had non functioning parts?

Was I not seeing what I needed to see?

And then when the 8th computer was returned, I got it.


I had decided to allow my integrity to be compromised by something that was not worthy of me. it is not just about the price of the computer.

It was about choosing to allow myself to see that having a specific requirement of what I wanted from a working machine is worthy of having. Then I have set my intention of worthiness.

Does that make sense?

I kept compromising myself and settling all because I could not come to terms with where my integrity and worthiness truly lived.

The universe is definitely there for us. But it is not good or bad. It just is. It’s neutral. It is our determination and human condition to add a label or judgment to each event. There in lies our choice.

Does each event truly have to be determined by our own worthiness?

Are we willing to open the hatch and walk into our own integrity of self and soul?


Learning our own worthiness, I think is the practice of really knowing our bottom line. Our willingness to see rather than judge. Worthiness is defined as deserving.

Do we make the active choice of seeing what we really deserve? And that is different from saying I deserve to have that extra piece of chocolate. (Although sometimes that really helps).

Deserving is the act of knowing that in our highest good we are accepting the gifts of the universe.

Wow, now that is an eye-opening way of seeing our life!

I did not accept the gifts of the universe by choosing computers that were already compromised. I did not accept the gifts of the universe when I made decisions on relationships that were not in my best interest.

I did not accept the gifts of the universe when in my neediness, I compromised someone else’s sense of freedom. I did not accept the gifts of the universe when I choose control rather than flow.

That is not the same as judgment or criticism. It is making the choice of less than, taking responsibility and then action for that choice.



So if knowing our worthiness is our bottom line, knowing our own sense of integrity is our blueprint to our hearts.

When I decided to deal with a computer shop online that I was not familiar with. That did not post its full disclosure information, and I somehow sensed that, but went ahead and ordered a reconditioned computer. I was lessening my own integrity.

When I choose to accept behavior from someone who says they love me but then treats me disrespectfully. I am not living in my own integrity. I am not living the blueprint of my heart. In fact, I am betraying my heart.

I always have the option to say, this is not acceptable. This is not how I choose to interact. I am choosing to say no.

This is a big lesson. How do we get to a place of understanding and exercising, our true north of integrity to self?

Resoundingly, the answers’ comes as, we have to live it and hear it. That sounds easy.

But we all know at times we tune out that inner voice of truth. Learning to tune in, is another gift.

Living it in our daily moments is so empowering. And it feels important to me to understand that I am the pilot here. I get to choose and live my highest integrity.

Or I can choose to disappoint myself. Hitch or hatch?

So if I say I will call someone. And I do not. That is not living in my highest integrity. (Barring some unexpected emergency).

If I want a relationship that is giving and loving, in higher consciousness, well then I need to make sure I am living in that space.

I am no longer willing to accept pats on the head, or words that sound good without true intent and follow through. It is my way of saying I am living in my own integrity This is what is in my best interest.

This is the way the Universe works for us. It shows us living lessons. It is up to us to see and hear and choose.


First off, what I had to do was to be willing to see where the hatch was rather than the hitch.

So think of this as driving down the road. Up ahead we see caution signs for construction. We know what that means.

It means we have to lower our speed and be ready for possible abrupt stops. So we are now on higher alert. We are aware that something is happening that needs our full attention.

Do we make the choice to be aware or ignore the caution signs ahead?

And what is the result of our choice?

Sit back. Take in a big breath. And say this:

At this moment I am choosing to see and hear:
I am hearing what is in my best interest.

I am hearing what is in my best worthiness.
I am hearing what is my true north integrity.

I am seeing in full clarity what is in my best interest.

I am seeing in full clarity what is in my worthiness.

I am seeing in full clarity my integrity.

At this moment I am using my inner sight and inner hearing to know that the Universal gifts are here at my beckoning.

And I accept these beautiful gems as the person of worthiness and integrity that I am. I am opening my heart and my arms to my integrity and worthiness. And I am shining in a golden glow.

Try this daily, and see how your hatches open!

Please let me know what you think of this and how you deal with integrity and worthiness…comment below!

Thank you for sharing this journey, ariel


















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