Heartbreak and Physical Pain, Some Healing Methods

Heartbreak and Physical Pain, Some Healing Methods

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How do you deal with heartbreak and physical pain? 

At any time in our lives we are prone to face heartbreak or physical pain. The way we choose to deal with it will be the aid and harbinger of how we go through this process. 

Finding those pieces that will help us to heal are so varied, from the support of loved ones, to seeking professional help.  Let’s talk about getting through these experiences with ease and comfort. 

As one who has been through both, it is in the knowing that we need to be first off loving to ourselves. And gentle. For it is not healing to go to judgement, rather than simple self love. 

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There is no worse feeling than struggling through an annoying ache or persistent pain for the majority of your life.

Whether you are struggling with a physical injury or your mental health is taking a turn for the worse, it is time to love yourself again. You don’t need to suffer in silence when you’re feeling less than your best.

There are many ways you can fix your ongoing strains and strife, so it’s time to take action today. Start to fall in love with your body and mind again; giving it the attention and care it deserves.

You will soon feel back on top form again in no time.

And it takes practice to change our thinking so that we see what is happening as not judgment but rather just something that is happening. And many times for me, when these experiences come i know there is a lesson and gift that is being presented. 

1.Physical  Pain and Struggles

heart break and physical pain

If you have been going through a physical pain then you need to get it seen to by a professional who can assess your individual situation.

You might need to get Physiotherapy in order to rehabilitate your injury gradually over time. If you are suffering with any sort of ongoing physical pain, make sure you are careful when exercising and heavy lifting.

Your workplace should be able to assist you too so that you aren’t uncomfortable when carrying out your job.


  1. Mental Health

heartbreak and physical pain

Many people are suffering from a mental health problem but don’t even know it. It can become very disheartening when you are constantly thinking negative thoughts in your mind. It could be a type of anxiety or the early stages of depression.

Speak to a qualified psychotherapist if you are concerned about your mental health. There are so many amazing people out there who can help you overcome your problems. You should be able to live a carefree and happy life without worrying about your mental state.

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heartbreak and physical pain


  1. Chronic Tiredness

heartbreak and physical pain

If you suffer with insomnia or chronic fatigue you might be struggling to carry on living your daily life as you would like to. Consider a meditation app to help you drift off to sleep peacefully; you might also need to be prescribed some sort of medication to help you get the sleep you deserve.

Dear reader, you have heard me talk often about the value of meditation. Especially for heartbreak and physical pain, there is so much comfort in this practice. When you are in that space of meditating, there is nothing else that exists for that moment. 

And that gives our bodies a chance to heal and re-calibrate. It also creates new neuropathways that help us to think in ways that are more open to healing. 

And learning mindfulness is another way to be aware of what is happening in our bodies and just observer instead of holding on to the thought. 

Have you tried meditating with a singing bowl? 

Learning even how to just be in sync with your breath can completely change your pain level. So do give yourself a chance to try it. 

heart break and physical pain

  1. Heart Healing for Heartbreak and Physical Pain 

Suffering from a broken heart can actually be physically painful and it can take a while to heal from this type of pain. If you have recently been through a break up or close family death you need to grieve properly so that you can address the change in your life.

Speak to your friends and surround yourself with positive people; you will start to feel better in no time.

Instead of waking up every morning with an awful ache or pain ripping through your mind and body, start to find coping mechanisms to get you back to full health.

Recovery isn’t always quick or easy, in fact it may take several months for you to feel fully healed. All you need to do is remain patient and persistent; keep a positive mental attitude and you will start to see gradual changes in your health.

Whether you’re suffering from a prolonged back pain or dealing with a broken heart, it is time to put the pieces back together and revive your sense of life.

SUMMARY for living with Heartbreak and Physical Pain 

In all the ways that we are living in heartbreak and physical pain there are so many ways to find our way back to thriving and good health.  From meditation to finding support in our community to professional help, we do not have to be alone with these experiences.

And know that what we are going through can be seen as a lesson and gift. I found I learned so much more compassion through heartbreak and physical pain.

I wish you ease, comfort and a great ability to give yourself all the healing time and love you need. You are not alone.

What are some ways you deal with your own heartbreak and physical pain?

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