Health Is Holistic… But Are You Checking All The Right Boxes

Health Is Holistic… But Are You Checking All The Right Boxes

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When we talk in terms of our health, we often compartmentalize parts of our body instead of seeing the entire whole. So health is definitely holistic, but we do need to know how to make sure we are attending to our whole self, yes?

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It seems like everyone at your place of work, in your book club or in your circle of friends is on a health kick these days. It’s hardly surprising.

We’re conditioned by society and the media  to strive for a flawlessly perfect body like the kind we see in movies, billboards and online pop ups everywhere we look.

We want to look great, but we also want to stay healthy so that we can live long, healthy and happy lives. Unfortunately, it can often feel like the more we try to improve ourselves in terms of our health, fitness and beauty, it’s never enough.

In the modern world, our increasingly unhealthy lifestyle and the sheer amount of temptation in restaurants and supermarket shelves can make even the strongest willed of us flounder in our health goals.

With so much threatening to derail us from the path of good health, it’s quite an achievement to be able to keep one’s diet clean and exercise regularly especially when we’re working such long hours.

Eating clean and staying active are only two components of our health. They’re admittedly big pillars, but our health is such a broad spectrum that it cannot be completely encompassed by addressing them alone…



Beauty is only skin deep, but health cuts right to the bone.

The fact is that we live in a brazenly image conscious society. We’re encouraged to think of our health as a commodity that positively influences our appearance.

We want to be healthy so that we can appear healthy… And if we can’t there are some products that can give us a reasonable facsimile of health.

This superficial attitude (while perfectly understandable) can cause us to neglect less obvious aspects of our health so that even though we’re watching what we eat and what we do at the gym, we’re only doing so pertaining to what affects our appearance.

We’ve become adept at avoiding the wrong foods, without paying as much attention to what the right foods are and why we need them.

Take our current obsession with protein, for example. We all know that protein can help us build lean muscle mass, but far too few of us are aware of the dangers of excessive protein intake.

In the wake of the Atkins diet and the Dukan diet crazes, way too many of us are putting protein on a pedestal. Of course, it’s an essential macro nutrient, but it should not be consumed to excess.

Moreover, many people consume protein sources that are full of saturated fats or even processed meats like pepperoni, salami and bacon which are categorized by the World Health Organization as type 1 carcinogens.

Too often we approach health from the point of view of our physical appearance and this can lead to the tail of beauty wagging the dog of health.

Take a holistic approach to your health and beauty will often follow. Just don’t forget these oft neglected aspects of your health…

Love your smile

We are all attracted to a dazzling white toothed smile. Good dental health is a hugely important aspect of our overall health and can give you brighter, whiter, healthier teeth while also addressing the causes of bad breath and receding gums.

You should be consulting regularly with your dentist (at least once every 6 months) to ensure that you’re in great dental health and to get a scale and polish to remove the tartar that can’t be removed by brushing and flossing alone.

If you don’t have a local dentist on speed dial learn more about what you should be looking for in a dentists’ practice here. Many people are concerned with their dental health only insofar as it pertains to their appearance.

Unfortunately, this can leave us to neglect the factors that can cause us tooth loss and poor oral health, not to mention an awful lot of pain and discomfort.

Watch your back

Your spine is unbelievably important and is at the core of your body’s mobility. Unfortunately, modern living is not conducive to a healthy spine.

While many of us spend most of our day sitting while at work, driving, watching TV, reading or playing video games it’s a simple fact that sitting is a relatively new configuration for the human body, and not one that we’ve completely adapted to yet.

Sitting for long periods day in day out can wreak havoc with our spinal health and lead to not only poor mobility but a host of other physical ailments including increased risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

This is due to the pressure that sitting puts on our vital organs as opposed to standing or even lying down.

If you think you may be spending too long sitting every day, consider cycling or walking to work or taking yourself out for a brisk stroll on your lunch break. If all else fails, simply take a quick walk to the water cooler once an hour.

And if you are sitting in front of your devices most of the day, consider getting this amazing EMF blocker to keep your body healthy. This product has truly changed my ability to sit at the computer without headaches or eye strain or seizures.


That’s a stretch!

Lots of people give plenty of attention to their strength and cardiovascular fitness, but one mustn’t underestimate the importance of muscle and joint flexibility.

Any athlete, dancer or martial artist will tell you that ensuring that your muscles and joints are limber is a key component of fitness and overall health.

Staying supple massively reduces your risk of injury while running, playing sports or at the gym (hence the importance of warming up and cooling down). It also reduces the risk of inflammation which can lead to joint pain and stiffness that can cause us real problems as we get older.


Aaaaaand, relax!

In today’s ultra fast paced world where everyone is scrambling to get to the top, far too many of us experience stress on a daily basis. A little stress can be good for us.

It can keep us motivated and at our peak, while helping to regulate our blood pressure and heart rate.

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Too much stress, however, and we run the risk of serious health problems from anxiety and depression to increased risk of heart disease.

As much as it may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, it’s vitally important that we all get plenty of sleep.

Your body uses its sleep time to heal itself and repair the tiny injuries that we pick up throughout our day and prevents them from becoming serious.

Failing to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day can have serious consequences.

As a business owner, I am so aware of how my need for sleep can affect and impact how well I do with my business. So do indeed do all you need to get that sleep.

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time


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  1. Dear Ariel,

    “Beauty is only skin deep, but health cuts right to the bone.” this quote speaks all. I work from home by sitting 10+ hours before computer “Your spine is unbelievably important and is at the core of your body’s mobility. Unfortunately, modern living is not conducive to a healthy spine.” Your post made me to think and I need to take care of my Spine. Thanks A lot for the great advice.

    Your Friend,

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