Healing Modalities for Our Soul

Healing Modalities for Our Soul

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Healing Modalities for the Soul? So many options we have based on ancient traditions.

Living in the modern world, we have so many ways of first, finding out what’s bothering us, and second, to have ourselves healed. Science has brought us forward to a new state of humankind.

We can diagnose previously unknown diseases and ailments, and with complex chemicals we can heal ourselves with medicine, and vaccines. We should all be in awe at how wonderful the world of modern medicine is. But the question arises, what are healing modalities for our soul.


But we shouldn’t scoff up our noses at what you could accurately determine as ancient healing techniques. Why shouldn’t you? Well, there are experts that swear by them and to this day they are respected and used on many millions of patients around the world.

The ancient civilizations knew what they were doing. They didn’t have any of the modern distractions that we have now. Purely focusing on the human mind and body, they used techniques that pinpointed the pressure point system, the nervous system and the respiratory system as well.

Having a chronic pain or life changing debilitating ailment is heartbreaking. Sometimes medicines can’t help. But what if the ancient people’s knowledge could? And indeed it has created healing modalities  of our soul as well as our bodies. 

High nervous tension

All the time we hear about how important muscle and bone store up tension. Although absolutely true, perhaps there’s too much focus put on the limbs as opposed to what is much deeper.

The nerves that live beside our ligaments and tendons often have to bear the brunt of our aches and pains. This is especially true in our hands and our feet where there isn’t a lot of muscle or flesh to protect them from wear and tear.

In ancient Egypt, a technique developed that looked into shooting and stabbing pains in these areas. We now know it as reflexology. An expert practitioner in reflexology will be someone who has studied the insides of hands and feet in fine detail, until they know every single bone, nerve, joint and muscle.

Normally, the technique to loosen and ease the pain in your hands and feet, will be to use a blunt wooden tool with a small point at the tip that isn’t very sharp. They practitioner will put pressure on the various points that are the causeways for the pain to travel around the hand or foot.

Essentially the technique is to forcibly numb the pain and employ stretching techniques to strengthen the nerves also.

The field of energy

If there is one place in the world that has a long history of treatments that are alternatives to medicine, it’s China. The ancient cultures of China, feng shui was the treatment of one’s energy. The ancients believed that energy ‘chi’, was the lifeforce of all living things.

Therefore human beings also possess an energy that can be controlled like a force field to protect the body and mind. Centering your chi was of the utmost importance to rulers of kingdoms and religious people as they believed bad energy or chaotic energy would lead to poor health and poor judgements in life.

In the modern day aura healing is still being used to control and empower oneself with the ability to center the chi. With aura cleansing, the chi is brought back into balance and harmony.

When you have poisoned or corrupted chi, it is believed that certain passages in the mind are blocked. They cause erratic behavior and lead to bad decisions in life. Chakra cleansing is thought to aid in the unblocking of these issues.


Energy alignment

The ancient Japanese also believed that the body and mind possessed a shared energy. However their technique of controlling the energy to bring inner harmony was called ‘Reiki’.

The patient lies down on their back with their eyes closed. The practitioner will press down on parts of their body and hold that position for many seconds.

This is intended to rebalance the energy as well as allow the patient to relax. It is said that those with depression and anxiety should try out this treatment as it favors people who have trouble remaining calm a lot of the time.

The practitioner’s goal is to redirect the energy and place in alignment so that fatigue of the body and spirit may be healed.

And then there is my go to meditation! What form do you most enjoy? Breath, walking, vision?

Have you tried walking meditation?

To me that is truly a healing modality for the soul.

As for healing techniques did you know that the bridge to our body functioning well is dependent on the newly discovered endocannibinoid system?

That is also why CBD oil is becoming so prevalent as we learn that we vitally need this to insure health and vibrancy. And why CBD oil works on every part of us.


Which means that CBD oil is actually a natural part of our body systems.

So enhancing this system by using CBD oil gives us vibrancy, healing from pain and thriving.

In other words our body needs CBD oil!  

Did you know that CBD oil will help us to lose weight, stop smoking, control diabetes and heart disease?

Just to name a few..oh and we don’t want to live with those aches and pains anymore?

Yup, CDB oil to the rescue.

Even our beloved pets will do well with CBD oil if they have anxiety or separation problems. So get yourself a bottle of this natural goodness. It is truly what our bodies need. 

Treat yourself to this natural healing product.. and see the difference in your life. CBD oil changes lives. Let yourself be the change too!

Join me in this amazing journey, be an Affiliate or a Customer.

Let’s change lives together. 



Modern medicine is the only route for the majority of people. Doctors and chemists all learn their trade through rigorous training and many years of learning from books.

But sometimes what is a spiritual issue cannot be solved with liquids and tablets. The ancient people believed wholeheartedly in this and developed techniques that would address the things that could not be explained.

Whether it’s Reiki, Feng Shui, chi or reflexology, there are many different alternative medicine healings you can try for yourself.

healing modalties for our soul


As we go through this journey of life, we are many times confronted with our physical needs. And we have to decide what truly works for the entire system. IN other words, not just treating symptoms. But healing that goes deep and holistically.

That leaves us with knowing there are many alternatives, such a Reikki, reflexology and chakra and energetic healing. There is also the wisdom of the ancients and indigenious people who know that illness is not just physical. And so there are herbs and meditation to help us heal.

It is truly what works for you. What brings you total comfort and healing.

If you had to make a decision on healing now, what would you pick? Many modalities, or just one?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO Success-full-living.com

living one heart-centric moment at a time 

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