Gift box of love, to ourselves

Gift box of love, to ourselves

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gift box of love

GIFT BOX OF LOVE, TO OURSELVES. ARE WE READY TO SEE THIS?  I heard this quote the other day, “I lay down my life for me.” Hmmm? And it started me thinking. I would certainly lay down my life for the people I love, but would I lay down my life for me?

That was truly a hard question to look at.  Could I see my own worth and gifts? Was I willing to stand in my own power and stand up for me? or lay down my life for, umm me? And so I began to see this as a gift box of love that perhaps we could see as the gift to self?

gift box of love

I could visualize this gift box of love. It was such a beautifully wrapped present. Meticulously folded hand printed and hand made wrapping paper. The ribbon was multi colored with gold thread running through it.

Just gorgeous. It cascaded down each side of the box. It was so beautiful to look at that I could not face the idea of unwrapping it.

And then I realized,oops!.

That was indeed the problem. We see the shell but don’t always wonder how deep the box really is. Or what is contained in it. Or if we rip off the paper and cannot wait to see what is inside, or most importantly do we recognize what we see?

I mean does the gift inside need watering and nurturing? Does it need care and love? Is it asking for growth and spiritual insight? Is my soul being fed in a way that is allowing it to fly? Am I more focused on the external than the internal?

Or am I ignoring the true gift box of love that is me?

Uh oh, a new journey begins. Or perhaps as Margo Anand said, loving ourselves means we are the most honored guest in our heart.

That is powerful yes?

Do we actually feel that way about ourselves?

gift box of love


Love is essentially a gift of self, yes? I mean when we love externally we give our hearts away. And that means to give to myself is to give whatever is truly full of love, aliveness, good, and godly in me.

And its all about the potential too. What I can give in love is what raises me up. It makes me better. I grow and transform.

My heart literally changes and transforms my world .

So our gift box of love is that thing inside of us that is our spiritual path of truth to our own heart. It is the uncharted road map to living in gratitude and inward knowing of transformation.

It is not the ego we are talking about.

Nope, it is that deep space that pumps our heart into beating. It is our true self. Our own one of a kind heart beat.

So to me,  I think I have to acknowledge it is a continual work in progress.

gift box of love


gift box of love


So where are we in our own gift box of love?

The other day I was totally caught off guard when my bestie said, Ariel you are a Warrior Queen! At first I was whaat? I mean I am a throwback hippie, totally non violent.. why would he use the word Warrior?

But then he explained it to me. Warrior is not about warring. It is about standing up for yourself. Seeing the potential and being valiantly devoted to self.

And when I thought about it, I got goosebumps .

Because there have been many instances when standing up for myself was not even a thought. So here I am knowing that I am my own warrior.

I now proclaim myself, drum roll…The Warrior Queen of spiritual growth of my own heart symphony.

Hmm, I might just have to make bumper stickers or T shirts with this one!

Do you think of yourself as a Warrior? Spiritual, physical or emotional?

Do we also have many types of gift boxes of love? 

I think that we do. We both receive and give them. After all an unexpected shared smile is a gift box of love and can change our entire day, yes? Or the heart pounding joy of seeing your child shine her light. And the one that always gets me. Falling in love.

But really falling in love. The type that is actually its own Hallmark movie. The knowing this is your forever.

gift box of love

And what happens to us when we receive these gifts? It changes us. It truly does. We can feel the difference. We feel fed and loved at the soul level.

Our hearts take flight and expand as if on course to explode. And everything in our system is working well. The endorphins of love are the most healing we can ever hope for.

So to me, yes people can truly die of heart break.

So the external love of gifts is truly healing to all of us. And it adds to our ability to soothe and see what our inner box of love is.

But it cannot be fed by the external. It has to have an eternal deep inside wellspring that many of us would say is connected to the divine.


gift box of love



So what do we want in this meditation?

We want to see the deep recesses of our love.

Not the love that we give to our family and friends.

But the nurturing depths of our inner chamber.

Lets’ see what that looks like.. ready?

Get comfortable. Sit in a position that works for you.Be In awareness of your body yet ease.

Take three simple breaths , and as you  release each breath say my love is so deep.

And say it 3 times.

Feel the change as you say it .

gift box of love

Just take notice of where you do feel  it in your body.

Ok now imagine seeing deep inside your heart this gorgeous box of love. What does it look like?


Are you ready to open it?  Ok, then reach over and untie the ribbon.

Are you feeling anything like excitement  or anxiety?

Notice that.. without claiming it.


Then slowly see yourself opening the box.What do you see?

Is it a part of your deepest inner heart? it is chaos ?

What ever you see is just fine.

gift box of love

Now thank the box for its content.  And send love to each part of the contents.

As you breathe into the love, feel how the contents are shifting?


The construct of what we saw is no longer there..

Rather its just love.


Ahh feel how easy and comfortable that is?

That is your gift box of love.


Now take 3 breaths and release.

Stretch your arms out and proclaim I am the warrior of self.

Feels great yes? And so deep.


Do this twice  day and feel how you are so ready to be there for you.

Let me know how this works for you.

gift box of love

Want to try more meditations? Have you tried walking meditation? Its also very powerful.

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I know first hand how it can change your life. It has completely allowed me to be fully back in my life again.



So would you lay down your life for you? Are we truly willing to see the beauty and depth of our own inner heart beat? And know that self is our most welcomed and honored guest? Not the self of the ego. But the heart beat of our soul. Can we say yes ?

I think of our gift box of love as a work  in progress.

I don’t know about you, but lately the saying invest in yourself, is becoming a daily mantra. And the more that I do this, the quicker amazing transformation happens.

I know you have experienced this also?

And I am learning each day to have the courage to ask those deeper hidden questions. See the gift of love that comes with that courage. And also to let go of all that no longer serves us.

Its not a gentle path. In fact often we shy away from the depth of it. But ultimately when we do the work of seeing the gift box of love, we have set ourselves free.

And the beauty is that without a doubt we would say, of course I would lay down my life for me!

Would you do the same for you?

Tell me about it please.

Light the path

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

living one heart-centric moment at a time



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