From Sand to Creation, Anything is Possible

From Sand to Creation, Anything is Possible

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from sand to creation

From Sand to Creation, Anything is Possible. 

This morning I watched glassblowers take molten glass from sand and process it through the fire until it become a gorgeous work of art. And in my head I heard this saying, from sand to creation, anything is possible. 

What does that mean in terms of our lives? I mean really?

We have often heard we can do anything at all. Yet mostly we live in our comfortable bubble just awaiting life to happen. But when we can actually see how changes starts even in the simplest of sand, doesn’t that give us pause?

I mean a really true moment of awe? I am not just talking about the saying of the idea. Actually I can be living the idea. Hmm!

Wow! Let’s talk about what is powerful!

Many years ago, I wanted to try out my sense of thought becoming things. So I did it in really rudimentary ways.

Ready for this?


I decided when I packed up my belongings and moved hundreds of miles away, that my life was going to be redefined. And that meant to me, that my sense of thought and consciousness needed to be honed.

Mighty words, but how to live this?

So the first thing I did, (since I did not move any furniture with me) was to conceive new furniture. That I could actually,umm, make!

Yeah, kinda set the bar high on this one…lol .

from sand to creation

But I thought no problem. I would do simple things. Chairs, kitchen table, two sofas and a coffee table.

Before  you start to see really gorgeous elaborate creations, pull it back a minute please. We are talking truly rudimentary.

I mean of course at first, I was detemined that I can do it myself. But soon realized with only two hands it was a bit difficult.

But somehow I knew my muses in creation would show up. (And of course they did).

So the first thing I did  was to draw simple ideas of what each piece would look like.

And well, of course it had to be more that just plain. I am the queen of embellishment. So of course the colors,paint texturizing and sure  lets get really creative…why not try mosaics too??

Whew, I got a bit off course, didn’t I? But from sand to creation meant to me anything was possible, so why not?

If I failed, or it turned out looking truly ridiculous, well, I could just laugh  at it. And know at least I knew I could make it happen.

That little engine is always present, yes?

from sand to creation

From Sand to Creation, I was so determined!

But if this was to be a true test of knowing that if I thought it, I could make it come alive. I was not willing to surrender. Tough woman here.

So my people muses came to me. My daughter who was playing around with sewing at the time, said I will make you cushions for the sofas, really? Oh happy dance. Thank you darling!

Her partner also said, I have some tools. (Oops, oh wow, I need tools too??)

from sand to creation

My daughter also loved the idea of mosaics. Mama let’s do it together. Oh for sure!

Talk about building lovely memories with our grown kids. Do a project together..its the best!

Let me tell you how much we fun we had doing this. First we had to find the tiles and pieces we wanted to use. And wouldn’t you know that a tile place nearby gave away broken tiles. Could that have been easier?

Ok so it took a moment to decide the pieces that we wanted, but that was also fun.

Oh and did I forget to mention this was a shoe string project? So mostly foraging for whatever we needed was the other piece of this challenge.

But the checklist was coming together. Now we needed wood.

For the tables I found scrap wood. In fact even a piece in the shape of a semi circle for a perfect coffee table.

See how the Universe always has our back?

from sand to creation

Ok, checked and done for the table pieces. Now for the sofas, which were going to be 8 ft long and three feet wide. More like benches.

When it became apparent that foraging for same size wood was a bit harder, I gave in and bought the pieces. Ooops, did not quite stay on the path.

But then again. I did not want anyone to fall while sitting.

Ok, what to do first?  Well of course the most fun first, yes? Mosaics. We took both the table tops and went to work. We were hysterical with how fast we had to work.

And the designs we had drawn out, welp, in the time we had before the compound dried out, was, well, not keeping with the design. So we went free form.

And you know what? It looked even better than the design!

We did it. We took our own not knowing and created two mosaic tops. Quite rustic looking.. well, not going to be featured in Design Magazine..but we did it.

from sand to creation

The chairs were more problematic. Know why? We think of chairs as simple pieces just hooked together. But the reality is straight is not comfortable. Did you realize that?

So that took some engineering thought.

The day we finished all the pieces,we were all so pleased. Not because they were beautiful, but because we set out to do it. And made it happen.

And not only did we do it. But we learned so much.

We so stretched out of our comfort zone.

Most miraculous part of this experience of sand to creation?

My own sense of can- do- it-ness. Everyone had laughed at me when I said I was going to do this. But I visualized the end result. And I knew I could make it happen.

Honestly no matter how rustic it all looked, I loved it madly. Because it held amazing significance for me. I could be the little engine. I was the little engine.

Now I could live it.

And that is the sand to creation beauty. Isn’t it?

For every time we pick up a thought and make it become real, we are taking that tiny, tiny grain of sand and changing it to make it be so much more. From sand to creation, anything is so possible!

Awe, yes for sure! You know why? Because it changed my life.

Because I did one step, then another and then another. Until there was this amazing path behind me. And a new walk in front of me. Doors opened to potential and possiblity.

And the creation was me.

And the creation is you.

Its all we have. For each thought, we not only change our lives, we change those around us. And all it takes is one tiny step. One tiny step to self. No matter the challenge. Its just one step.

So yes, grab that sand to creation and design your life.

Not in stand by mode. As the active participant.

It is so worth it!


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From sand to creation, anything is possible means we are the architect of our lives. We get to decide what is important and what we need to create.

As I watched the glassblower, I was awed at the alchemy happening, and I realized, we are all alchemists of our lives. From sand to creation. We are today’s architect.

The choice is ours to sit and watch. Or figure out how we truly want to be the lead figure in our own adventure, yes?

So what does your sand to creation look like? I want to know!

What art masterpiece of your life are you creating today? 

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO,

Living one heart-centric moment at a time


4 thoughts on “From Sand to Creation, Anything is Possible

  1. I love the story of the creation of the furniture. The help from family and encouragement is priceless! I can relate to your story and the lessons of the entire article in so many ways. On an internal level for spiritual journeys, in reality of creating crafts, work, and goals and in life itself in ideas, goals, and aspirations. This is very inspiring! I have often watched glass blowers myself. Having grown up in NY not far from Corning and the large famous glass factory. I visited it several times in my youth and then with my children. I was always mesmerized by the glass blowers! I never had quite put it in perspective of this was once just grains of sand. Beautiful! Thank you!

    1. Hello Christina, so happy to see you here. And I so apologize for not getting back sooner. Been in a recuperative space. Wow, so cool Corning. I have watched many videos on work from Corning. I love the absolute alchemy of it.. from one tiny thing to the potential of anything!
      And yes on our spiritual journey there is so much to see and participate in.. as we grow our hearts. Thank you for being here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. What! Oh come on. Where are the photos of the furniture? I was looking forward to seeing them. 🙂

    I too, like to be creative and I think because of the thought and work you put into any piece makes it special. I tried my hand at pottery one time, something that looks simple, but really isn’t. I made a very lopsided bowl. But I liked that lopsided bowl, because it was something I created. My husband had joined me at it, so we each got to share our “works of art”!

    I have also watched glass blowing and marvel at it. I had the tools to create glass beads before I moved and that was fun. I like to try lots of different crafts and create things. It is relaxing and I enjoy the creation.

    Everything starts out as one small piece, but can become the start of something much more complicated and intricate.

    My college roommate (from many years ago) tells me I am still trying to find myself. Maybe I will at the end when all the grains of sand have come together in another creation.

    1. Hello Shelley, I so hear you. I think each day we get to find ourselves, yes? And i get it about your pottery bowl. And in fact the Japanese have a term wabi-sabi that means the divine is in the imperfection.. and i so like that. So whatever we create is indeed a work of creation and art. I am impressed you have done glass beads. I might just have to try that!
      And that was so well said, we start out with one piece but then grow into the statement. And isn’t that the metaphor for how we live? I am so happy you popped by. Forgive me please for the late answer.
      In peace and gratitude, ariel

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