Foot Care Tip, Putting our Best Foot Forward

Foot Care Tip, Putting our Best Foot Forward

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Saying putting our best foot forward is not just a saying. It means that we are also honoring our feet that hold us up. So here are some foot care tips to help insure that our feet are feeling healthy too.

I know we don’t often give as much attention as we need to these important feet of ours. But it is truly important to know that our feet are healthy and ready to hold us up. 

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Sometimes it is easy to forget that our feet need a little TLC, perhaps because they are so far from the main trunk of our body? However, as they are an area that gets a lot of us they do, just like all the parts that the body, need some considerable care and attention too.

Luckily, foot care is something that it is pretty easy to wrap your head around, and you can even get some tips in my post below.

foot care tip

The right shoes for best foot care

One of the most important things you can do to impact food health positively is to ensure that you choose and wear the right shoes! I know those Louboutins with the red sole are pretty amazing,

But they are probably not doing your foot health much good. In fact, even flat, sensible shoes can be damaging your foot health in the long term if they aren’t conformable or suited to your gait.  

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With this in mind, it’s useful to have your walking and running gait assessed, something you can do in sports equipment stores. Then you will know where your shoes will need to be build up and supported to ensure your comfort and health.

Regular check-ups and treatment for foot care

Next, don’t forget that getting a regular checkup and quick treatment for any problem or injuries that occur on the feet is hugely crucial to maintaining foot health.

After all, if you had a sore throat or a fever that lasted a long time you would go to the doctors, so don’t ignore things like swollen toes, ingrown nails, or bunions for ages either.

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Of course, the easiest way to get any feet related health issues sorted is to search for the term foot doctor near me and the see which practices come up locally.

After all, it’s unlikely that you will want to walk or drive too far if you have a problem with your feet that is causing you pain.

Also going to a local foot specialist can make the whole treatment process much easier, as it’s possible to book your appointments to occur during your lunch break, or on your way home from work.

Something that means you can fit them in around your responsibilities and schedule rather than having to travel a great distance to get seen.  

foot care tip

Toenail cutting for healthy foot care tip

It is truly shocking how many people do not know who to trim their toenails correctly!

Learn how to cut your toenails properly.

Remember that the aim is to cut across the nail leaving a flat end, not around it. The reason for this is with every sharp corner there is a chance that the nail could become ingrown. A condition that is hugely painful and can need surgery to cure.

Also, don’t forget that if you suffer from a condition like diabetes your foot health is important. That means going to a professional for nail cutting is essential, as they can ensure that you maintain the healthy feet for as long as possible.


SUMMARY for healthy foot care tip 

Knowing that we are putting our best foot forward is vital in every way. The foot care tip that is so necessary is being aware of what the health of our feet are. For instance, are we cutting our toe nails properly, are we wearing the correct shoe for our gait?

These are things we truly need to pay attention to, for its our feet that hold us up. So do give your feet love too!

In peace and gratitude,

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2 thoughts on “Foot Care Tip, Putting our Best Foot Forward

  1. Thanks, Ariel for this informative reminder!
    Yes, indeed our feet are the ones who carry us everywhere and are not appreciated for it!
    I have recently learned about Orthotics which are great insoles for your shoes and get your posture all fixed, it helps your whole balance. Bought a pair for my husband and it is amazing what an improvement that has made to his health.
    Through our feet we have so much to gain, reflexology will tell you all about it, and massaging your feet once a day with some body lotion can do wonders for your whole well being. Yes, our feet are so important and under-appreciated!

    1. Hello Orion, I am so happy to see you popped in. So many thanks! Yes INdeed our feet are so important. That is great information about Orthotics. Glad its helping your husband. And great idea, doing feet massages daily. Oh so like that! In peace and gratitude, ariel

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