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One of the ways to insure healthy and  success full living is to pay attention to your physical body as well as your spiritual body. In order for us to be truly in sync and connected, do not overlook what might need some attention paid to it. And the best way is to start this new year with knowing that we are doing all we can to insure maximum health. Here are some ideas.



Now that we’ve moved into the new year you might want to think about improving your health as a resolution. This is a promise to yourself that you won’t regret. A healthier version of yourself will most definitely lead to a happier version of yourself. There’s a few great things to keep in mind when improving your health. So let’s take a quick look at what you could be doing today to get back on top of your game.


Breaking a sweat


Don’t sweat the little things in life. They are a waste of your time and energy. There are much better ways you could be releasing your stress and exercise is top of the list. It’s fundamental to a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to zip up that old tracksuit and lace up a pair of comfortable trainers. You don’t have to join a gym to feel the benefits of exercising.

If it’s new to you then start off simple by going for a walk. You burn just as many calories walking as you do running. It may take you longer to get where you want to go though. If your already in good shape then challenge yourself to join a new sport.

One you’ve never tried before. You’ll be a complete beginner again, using old parts of your brain to solve problems making a whole new set of friends along the way. Alternatively get out into the great outdoors and reconnect with nature. The joy you’ll feel when you conquer a mountain is next to none. Upgrade your trainers to a pair of climbing boots for a real challenge.


Find out what’s going on


Go to the doctor. No one likes going for the fear of bad news but if you don’t keep up to date with what’s going on in your body and mind then you can’t keep on top of it. Get a check up and make sure everything’s in working order.

Find out what that lump or niggling pain is. It could be nothing and it could be everything. The quicker you deal with it the better. You may find that you are prescribed medicine you don’t feel that you need but try to trust that your doctor has your best interests in mind.

Prescription drugs can be expensive but there are ways you can compare the market to save money. Check out this website if you want to read more about price comparisons. Strengthen the bond you have between you and your physician and book in for your next appointment.


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It’s time to rest


If your working hard and exercising harder your going to need some well earned rest. When you are asleep your body repairs itself. If you deprive yourself of sleep your risks of illness is much higher.

If your struggling to get to sleep you may need to take a deeper look at your lifestyle. Cutting down on alcohol and caffeine will allow you to get more rest during the night. If your prone to checking your phone or laptop before bed then you could be sending signals to your brain to become more alert.

Cut back on this stimulus and read a book if you need a distraction before dozing off. Lavender oil also works well as a natural sleep enhancer. A couple of drops on your pillow could be all it takes to help you nod off. So get your rest during the night for a fitter, stronger version of yourself during the day.

Having a comfortable place to rest can make you feel calm and reduce your levels of stress. The Scandinavians have a word for this called ‘Hygge’ which is becoming more popular. It delves deep into the world of comfort. You may be closing your eyes as soon as you hit the sofa from now on.


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Hydration station


Are you getting enough water? The recommended amount you should be drinking is at least two liters a day. Your brain can’t function properly if you’re dehydrated and it will send signals to your body to do something about it. You don’t need to wait to be told.

Avoid headaches and stay ahead of the game by maintaining your level of fluids. This will be a great way of flushing out everything that’s bad in your body. Your skin will also thank you for it. Drinking water can rejuvenate your skin fighting off acne for good. It’s important to keep all of this in mind if you are going to be exercising more. You may need to uptake your intake of water if your sweating it out in the gym.


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Look on the bright side


Being more positive in life can really make the difference. You’ll take on opportunities you may have previously said no to which could lead to massive benefits in your life. When your thinking happy thoughts your not worrying, when your not worrying you are decreasing your levels of stress and anxiety.

Adjusting the way you see the world can also benefit your mental health. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself singing more often because your happy. Go with it, it will keep a smile on your face. Find some upbeat tunes and set them as the new soundtrack to your life.

Lots of people now are also looking into Mindfulness. It’s a great way of appreciating your life in the present moment. Why not try out meditation or yoga?

Start your year of right and take care of yourself. You can’t take care of others if you’re not happy and healthy. Be kind to yourself. Exercise regularly, daily if possible. There’s a whole world out there you could be taking in just by walking out the front door.

Check up on yourself every now and again and make sure everything’s in working order. Drink water and stay hydrated! And finally, stay positive. A lot of people believe you receive back the energy that your putting into the world so make sure it’s strong and positive.


Each moment of each day we get to make that choice of how we want to live and thrive. It is up to us to be responsible and accountable to being at our more optimum health. I wish you a year filled with health and joy, vitality and thrive!


In peace and gratitude,




  1. What a great list of to-do’s to get the year started right. Our health and well-being are so important and irreplaceable!
    Thank you for sharing this, Ariel.

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