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I had this fantasy that sometime in my life I would build a huge retreat center for people who are needing comfort and peace.

It would be a place of healing, growth and consciousness. People would flock to this center and it would become famous for its inspiration, beauty, healing work and nurturing food grown on the grounds.

Master teachers would take up residence and teach on this property. We would work together to energetically bring love and peace to one person at a time.

It goes without saying that of course, the center would heal the world. I mean, really?

If we need goals or fantasy, why not go big?

Now that I am older, it is slowly dawning on me, that particular space just might not happen as I pictured it. And perhaps it was too over reaching or a bit of a fantasy.

That started me thinking. What is my fantasy vs my authentic goals?

Or what is true of my fantasy vs goals?


Maybe we don’t have to heal 100 million people. But for sure, we can give comfort to the person next door who just needed a hug and a smile. How is that any less sacred than thinking it needs to be large?

Do my goals have to be large to feed my ego? Or am I truly wanting to just be of service?

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I get great joy in doing small acts of kindness. It feels to me that small kindnesses have huge ripple effects. In fact to be perfectly honest, each time I offer a gift from my higher self, I can actually feel my heart expand.

I have found in my world that when I am actively offering small kindnesses, I am creating pathways to connection and just putting out simple love and compassion.


Wouldn’t it be so incredible, if in my daily activities or people connections, I am actually fulfilling my goals of having a healing retreat center?

Just on a much tinier scale. And oh, It just doesn’t look like what I thought it would look like. There is not a huge building and masses of people. There are no employees or a restaurant quality kitchen.

There is just me, doing my heart-centric living.

Does that count? Is it possible that I am living my dream? Wow, maybe, I just haven’t claimed it.

What is true for us? Save the world, or be totally, radically kind to my neighbor? How is that not saving the world! Small kindnesses have great ripple affects.

So does the joy of small kindness actually meet the criteria of healing the world? I do believe it does.

Can I look into my heart and define or accept that giving of myself is not a fantasy but rather a goal that I am choosing as my guidepost to living?

Exploring my goals has been a surprising discovery of ego vs.heart- centric living. Do I hold on to past goals or fantasy that no longer serve me? Or was I merely defining myself through a lens that was truly authentic?

Defining my goals does have a segment of passion and perhaps fantasy. After all, I do want to do well and prosper. What happens though if my fantasy is not authentic with my sense of self?

I think maybe that is where our true strength gives birth to our vision of goal.
If indeed I am not living in my heart-centric space, there will be no flow, not even a trickle of movement.

And I can feel the change. It is all about my intention and thought processes. I know you hear me, I am sure, you have experienced this as well.

That does not mean I am loving others, while disrespecting myself. Nope. It does not work that way. I know now, that loving others can only come from loving myself.

Otherwise, it is not authentic love. I have found though that when I am loving all that comes into my periphery. I am tubing in joy down a lovely flowing river. It really feels that way. Try it. You will love floating, grin.

It is the most incredible feeling. Everything is expansive and transformative. Every action takes on a much deeper level of meaning and connection. Colors are so vibrant. And I am thriving.

In my vision, I can see that although my fantasy might have been the germinated seed, it is not the root.

The root is the basement, the foundation to our goals. How we choose to plant our roots or give them the space to take root, is how our goals will flourish.


I have had to ask myself some questions. Such as:

Is my goal truly in my best interest?

Do I understand my goal in a way that I can build on it?

Am I willing to let go of fantasy and work for the real goal?

I realized there was a dichotomy here. I might have fantasized about my refuge center. In fact, several years ago I dipped my toe into some fact finding and designing the center.  But, ultimately,  I did take no for an answer when I could not get the necessary funding.

I then allowed it to become a fantasy rather than a goal. I could not see the path to making it brick and mortar. It was relegated to fantasy.

And although I have never let go of this fantasy or beloved thought, it no longer is my priority.

So it was never a true goal. But a beautiful lofty fantasy of a vision of wanting to bring love into our daily moments of interchange.

So here I am in this blog.

And perhaps this indeed is my magical healing, refuge retreat center. Because I get to meet all of you out there in the places you live. And here we can reach out to each other, see the love and grow it.

Success is another way of saying great authentic choice we made!

This is the space for connection and small kindnesses.
What more could I possibly ask for?

Blessings of showers for loving our goals into the life we are designing through our heart-centric choice. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

In peace and gratitude,









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