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Empowerment, and living successfully. It’s a struggle for many of us. Isn’t it? 

With so many things in our lives pulling us in all different directions, we need to have a focus. Otherwise, we can be left wondering what to do, and left unsure of what we should be doing in our lives.

Work, health, mental health, and the people we surround ourselves with, can all have an impact on us as well, and we can be left feeling down or even helpless when there are conflicting things in our minds and lives. So how can we become more empowered to take control and make changes?

Here are some tips and steps that can help you on the road to empowerment, and the road to living your life in the best way that you can.

This is a contributed post.


Take Ownership towards your own Empowerment

When we leave our choices to things in our life to other people, it can be difficult when things go wrong. We can just easily blame other people as we didn’t want it in the first place, for instance.

So if you want to become empowered and live the life that you want to lead, then you need to take ownership of what you do and decisions that you make. Deciding to be the one who makes your own choices, totally changes our lives. 

For we then move into our own accountability. We take responsibility for our lives and actions. Descartes said that the ultimate freedom is full responsiblity. And I know for me, that is so true. How about you?

Have you noticed that when we know we are our own CEO’s that no one else is to blame and that we have stood up for our own needs, life is good?

If you need help from a sober living community, for example, then it is time that you took ownership and got the help that you need. The same can be said of any decision; not happy at work? Take ownership and make changes.


I learned early on that when we are faced with being pulled in all directions, the answers then are no longer easily seen. We only hear the monkey brain chatter and the externalized views of the world around us.

So I began meditating to find my way to empowerment and peace. I am a big proponent in visualization and meditation. If you have not yet tried different forms of meditating, here are a few options to try.

Like meditation in motion.  Or candle gazing? 


Stop Comparisons to start living in Empowerment

We are likely to have all heard the phrase that comparison is the thief of joy. And that phrase has so much truth to it. When you are constantly comparing yourself to others, how can you feel empowered to live how you want to?

You are left living life like somebody else that you think is better than you, smarter than you, or prettier than you. The comparisons need to stop if you want to make changes.


Positive Daily Habits to living in Empowerment

Getting in a routine of doing some positive daily habits can have a massive impact on what you do and how you live your life.

From waking up to practice some mindfulness techniques, to exercise, eating well, walking more, or simply staying hydrated, you can be on the right track to do things well.

Starting the day off in a positive way is going to set you up for the day and put you in a better mindset when it comes to achieving goals.


Now living in gratitude is totally empowering. It changes our mindset and allows us to see in love, without judgment. Just pure love and thanks.

And each day that we start with gratitude, our steps are lighter and easier. When we choose gratitude, we are truly saying and allowing the Universe to guide us through our journey.

Click here for some tips to living in gratitude.

As we go through the changes of living in gratitude and indeed start our day that way, our path becomes more illuminated and focused. We get to see the best of all there is. And that in turn changes how we interact and be in the world. But mostly with how we are choosing to be with ourselves. So learning how to live in gratitude, is the gift to empowering our lives and love.

I know for me that when I made that change to starting my day in gratitude, the entire world changed. I could see the good, the love, the ease. I so wish that for you!




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I Will Rather Than Should, living in Empowerment

We can often justify things to ourselves or talk about all of the things that we should be doing. Maybe we should be helping out at our child’s school a little more. Maybe we should eat better, or we should spend more time with extended family.

But the focus needs to be on what you will do, rather than the things that you think you should be doing. This helps you to manage your own expectations, rather than what you think other people are expecting of you, creating a much greater and more positive result overall.

SUMMARY, Empowerment

Empowerment is a word that is often bandied about. But the reality is, it’s a really strong word. It can change our lives and lead us to the fulfillment of knowing truly who we are. And taking the steps to full accountability along with living in gratitude we see life as the ultimate connection to love and ease.

What are your experiences in being empowered? Or living fully in gratitude?


Light the path in peace and gratitude, 

we speak in love, we see in love, we hear in love

Founder, CEO, Success-full-living.com

living one heart-centric moment at a time 

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