Drink Less, Feel Better: Tips for Reducing Alcohol Consumption

Drink Less, Feel Better: Tips for Reducing Alcohol Consumption

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I think in this world we have idealized what is seen as cool or as sophisticated. Do you know what I mean?

And that has perhaps led us to choices that might not always be in our best interest. I know that wine has beneficial aspects of it, but like anything, if we over do, we are no longer getting the benefits.

So a glass of wine or one drink for dinner seems to make sense, but what happens when that drink becomes one all day long? 

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I hope this article helps to give comfort and ease. So lets’ explore how to drink less and feel better. Here are some tips.

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Many people would like to cut down on their alcohol consumption, but it takes a concerted and conscious effort to achieve this goal.

Whether you are experiencing some negative physical and mental effects or you are worried about dependency, there is plenty that you can do to cut back on your drinking which we are going to discuss in more detail in this article.

If things have already gone too far and you don’t feel like you can handle the issue all by yourself, take a look at alcohol rehab options. However, if you do feel like you can get a handle on things, here are a few ways to do so.


Set a Realistic Goal

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People tend to work best when they are aiming for a specific goal. So, rather than being too general, write down a specific number of drinks or units in a week that you would like to aim for.

You can then write down every drink that you have so that you know how close you are to achieving your aim. Make sure that you know how much alcohol is contained in each drink so that you are aware of what you are actually consuming.

Pace Yourself and Space Out Your Drinks

Some drinkers find that slowing themselves down and pacing their drinking can help to cut down their overall consumption levels. Try to avoid distracted drinking caused by doing another activity like watching the TV and instead focus on enjoying your beverage.

And this is where the art of mindfulness is so helpful . When we are in total mindfulness we do not absently reach for a drink. We are so aware of what we are doing and being in gratitude that the moment for wanting another drink is just not on the radar. 

Another technique is to alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to slow yourself down. Not only does this help to reduce the amount of alcohol you are consuming, it also plays a part in limiting your hangover the next day.

Avoid Your Triggers

Everyone has certain triggers that lead them to drinking. People, places, and activities can all act as triggers. So, try spending less time with that friend who loves a drink.

Suggest an alternative activity rather than going to a bar in the evening. Find other healthier ways of dealing with your daily stress. Take up a new hobby, start an exercise program or simply indulge in some escapism with a good book or movie.

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Or learn meditation. It is a very proactive way to create new neuropathways to lead away from addictive behavior. When we do meditation practice at least 2x per day, we are more relaxed, more aware, grateful and living in a more flowing way. 

Have you tried meditation with a healing singing bowl?  

And there is also candle gazing, for much stronger focus and purpose. Would you like to try this one? 

Or if you prefer, have you tried meditation in motion? It is an amazing way to be mindful and change our thoughts.

Learn How to Say ‘No’

This is perhaps going to be the most difficult one of the lot, but learning to say ‘no’ when someone offers you a drink is an invaluable skill to learn.

Sometimes, you are going to have to be especially firm as there are plenty of people out there who are really going to apply the pressure. Once you have made a decision, stick to your guns and don’t change your mind.

Practice these four techniques and you can go a long way towards controlling your drinking and leading a healthier lifestyle.

You should also try to get the support of others by telling them what you are trying to achieve so that they know not to put any additional pressure on you or expose you to negative situations.


Although it is very accepted to drink, it might be harder at times to really know when we have over done. Knowing that there are steps we can take to help us drink less and be healthier is vital. 

Do seek help if you are aware that things are not going as you would like them to. Do try meditation as it will change the neuropathways. Learn how to say no, when it is in your best interest.

Learn what your triggers are and how you can notice them and also avoid them. Then you will know how to manage them too.

If you are at a place where rehab is the answer, please do not fight that option. You are worthy of having a life that is full of ease and love, not always having to fight the addiction. 

There are so many resources for help, from addiction counseling to mental health counseling to AA. All of these are proven methods to great health and ability to change our lives. 

Allow yourself to ask for help and then be willing to hear what is necessary to get through this period of time. Knowing that at all times we are in charge of our thoughts and we are not our thoughts, truly allows us to live in a space that if free from addiction and adversarial behavior. 

What methods are you using to help get past any addictions? I would really like to hear about it. 

And I am here to talk, support and advocate for you. 

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO, success-full-living.com

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