Difficulty Concentrating at Work, What Might it Be?

Difficulty Concentrating at Work, What Might it Be?

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difficulty concentrating

Difficulty concentrating at work? Wow, we know what that can feel like. Let’s talk about what might it be that is causing this difficulty. None of us are supermen or women. Sometimes we find that no matter our best intentions or working effort, that circumstances do not adapt how we would like them to.

This can become intensely lethargy-inducing, as we’re often inclined to throw our hands up and wonder what the point is. So finding out what is causing the difficulty of concentrating at work is vital. 

However, this feeling can often be undercut by finding the source of an issue. When we’re struggling at work, we may look online to figure out just why we are.

We might apply ourselves twice as much. We might decide that we’re simply being silly, perhaps don’t care as much as we should be, or perhaps aren’t cut out for the job.

Difficulty Concentrating at Work? Some thoughts…

But difficulty at work isn’t always a sign that you’re simply bad at what you do. This may not be the case at all. It’s easy to fall into that lack of confidence, especially when looking online at business blogs that simply tell you network more, or spend more free time reading around your subject.

Sometimes issues are more personal than that, or even more ingrained into the systemized nature of your employer’s design. Consider the following:

difficulty concentrating

Difficulty Concentrating at work can be all about how we Learn

It might be you’re struggling with a learning issue or disability. Do not be too quick to disregard this, nor to think it makes you a lesser person. Thousands of people go undiagnosed each year, with issues stemming from childhood.

This might be mild dyslexia, or perhaps something a little more intense that has yet to impede you so far. The brain is an odd thing, and displaying functionality may have prevented you from getting the help you need so far.

It could also be that circumstances in your own life, such as a knock on the head or perhaps a small car accident, could potentially impede your cognitive function in a particular way.

difficulty concentrating

This is not something to joke about or feel ashamed of. There is absolutely no shame in having your cognitive functions checked once a while in a medical setting if you think something is up.

Many people find themselves with small issues once in a while, and simply being diagnosed can help them manage a condition well, or find a line of work more suitable for their needs.

In fact I know you have heard of many outstanding people who have created amazing things living with learning disabilites..from Einstein to Edison. And they learned compensatory skills to help them figure out how to learn.

Do you remember Fonzy from Happy Days TV? Well the actor Henry Winkler, was severely dyslexic and yet he figured out how to learn his lines.

A mountain is only a mountain if we choose to see it that way, yes?

But first we have to acknowledge our dilemma and find help. Why continue to live in such frustration?









Is our hearing or our senses making for difficulty concentrating at work?

difficulty concentrating

Often, it might not be a case of your cognitive function, but how your senses are contributing or impeding your daily ability that harms your working output. For some people struggling in their job, or gaining continual headaches. Or it might be that your hearing is to blame.

This can really make people feel incompetent or inferior if undiagnosed, and contribute to a muddied state of mind. It might be that arranging a hearing exam at your earliest convenience could help you ensure you are taken care of.

The sames goes for your eyesight. Sometimes sensual input can dictate our mood, confusion or comfort during our working schedule.

And simply having the maintenance apparatus in place to help us manage these problems could once again refresh our perspective and help us interface with our daily duties more appropriately. It can’t hurt to try.

Have you thought about meditation as a way to help deal with difficulty thinking? There are so many ways to meditate. Even just focusing on your breath can help manage stress and

difficulty concentrating

The vibes at work might just not be right for you!

Of course, it’s not always the case that you’re in the wrong, or that your body is failing you in some way. It might be that the structural incompetency of the firm you work at does not survive scrutiny, and that means taking a clinical eye to the tasks you perform each day.

Are you being given the necessary support materials, or being trained in the right way? Might it be that other staff members feel the same way you do? Might it be only your department is lagging behind due to lack of real funding? When it comes to the structural nature of your work, a lot is out of your hands.

Taking the time to try to better yourself could be a good method to resolve this, but of the most importance is ensuring you highlight issues were raised and try to improve the working conditions of your job, especially if you can evidence issues and compare them to the situation of other people in your firm.

Better yet, bringing members of the team together to come forward with this issue can only help your case. It might be that searching for another job could be a beneficial prospect if you hope to do this, because not all jobs will respond in the right manner.

If they do, that’s great, but if they don’t you at least have a head-start and potential future opportunities lined up. After all, no one wants to work in an environment where they’re repeatedly made to feel incompetent.

difficulty concentrating


There are so many reasons why we are having difficulty concentrating at work. The dilemma is to figure out what could be the culprit. Anything from hearing problems, to not getting enough sleep can cause us disruptions at work.

So what do we do to get it all figured out? Have some testing done. If you suspect you might be dyslexic. Find a reading specialist that can test you. If you realize you are not hearing well, please do go and have your ears tested. There is nothing more isolating than not hearing a conversation.

And realize that also when we are in a work environment there are many variations of what is comfortable for us. From having to deal with fluorescent lights to a demanding or rude boss.

It is up to us to decide what we need and how to get it, yes?

So do take care. Find your answer. You deserve to be happy, not stressed.

And when our confidence level is down, we will have difficult concentrating at work!

Take care of YOU!

What are your experiences at work? Any suggestions that you might want to share? Would like to hear them.

Light the Path in Peace and Gratitude,

Founder, Success-full-living.com

living one heart-centric moment at a time!

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