DID YOU VACUUM TODAY?…or starting from where you are.

DID YOU VACUUM TODAY?…or starting from where you are.

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Did you vacuum today? 

did you vacuum today

On the phone with a friend, he asked,  did you vacuum today? I of course feeling a bit put off, said, umm, why are you asking? Because he replied, he realized he had not vacuumed in weeks.

And he was becoming more aware that since he does not like to vacuum, it then becomes something he just chooses to push away.

So three weeks later he is not happy with the way his space looks but he does not have the impetus to go get the vacuum. Sound familiar?did you vacuum today

Continuing his story, he said, today after breakfast he unthinkingly started to wipe down the kitchen counters and found himself thoroughly cleaning and sterilizing the surface.

In just the starting of that task, it propelled him to think, yup,  I think I can do the vacuuming now.

See the metaphor here? It is about starting the process

How many of us have been in the situation where we are stymied by our own not wanting to do something?

But then, the magic happens.  We just take the first tiny step. And then more steps happen and more steps.  Finally, we look around and go, whoa, how did that happen?

Its truly a remarkable thing!

I have to admit that is exactly how this blog came about. I have for years known that I wanted to do this. And so many people told me that I needed to get my writing out in the stratosphere.

Did you vacuum today, what are the steps?

But I not only had excuses, I could not even figure out the first step to start.Image result for wikimedia commons path clipart

Then something happened recently. I saw this vision of my space being moved. Boxes were being tossed into a truck. And I heard this voice say, time to get rid of clutter. You are moving!

And I went into a frenzy of activity.  I mean crazy full on activity.  I felt like I was being led and pulled.  Yet I had no idea where I was going or why I was being called to this task.

Image result for wikimedia commons moving

I cleaned out my clothes, my linen closet, and storage space. I threw things out.  I cleaned and culled through not needed papers. I went through all my own art pieces and decided what needed to stay and what needed a new home (or the circular file receptacle.)

I got rid of dozens of mason jars that I knew I was not going to be canning with.

You know those things we hold on to thinking of course I am going to use that …someday?

I rearranged my art studio space. I divided things into piles specific to what I thought each of my kids might want.  And I took stock of what I truly needed in whatever was going to be my new space.

I even had this thought, perhaps I will no longer need a constant living space.

Oh, the hundreds of what possible opportunity scenarios were just flooding my brain.

When the non- stop frenzy finally let go of me, I was beyond exhausted, yet totally exhilarated.

Then abruptly and feeling a new emptiness,  the voice and leading pull went away. Whaaat?

I sat with this new situation.  I meditated. I tried bargaining. I declared to the universe I was now ready for this new adventure. Please show it to me.

Honoring the Process

Related image

I waited very expectantly for the answer. I found myself saying to friends, I am not understanding yet what is happening. But I am in full receptive mode.

Ready to launch whatever was newly coming.

Surprisingly while awaiting answers, I found more stamina and vibrancy in my daily life. I heard my mantra of yes I can echoing over and over again.

In fact I so believed I was going to be on the move that  I even created a road trip map of driving across country to see the National Parks in the West and Northwest!

I spent hours working out the logistics, where to stop, how much gas would be, how much it would cost, how I would pack my non- existent van.

I could see myself doing it. I could feel myself at the wheel.  I could see being at the Glacier Park. I knew I was going to do this alone, and I was so ready.

Just the act of thinking I was doing this was so invigorating… I love adventure.  I felt so strong and excited.

adventure in did you vacuum today

But then that excitement went by the wayside.

The concept of did you vacuum today became a new business!

I was starting to see at this point the connect the dots pathway. This was all process to show me that my life was getting ready to transform.

So I thought, get a part time job.

Then when the chance to travel shows itself, you have the cash.

I promptly interviewed for several jobs and did not get any offers.

Not one! That has not happened to me before.

Okay, Benevolent Universe, now what are you trying to say to me?

And slowly it entered my hard headed consciousness, I was going to take a huge leap of faith and create a space to write and share healing stories.

And make money online. Be my own company and boss.

Wow, you mean a blog??? The same idea of a blog that you have been procrastinating about for years?? Yup! Finally.

Highly determined,  I opened up my computer, went online and looked into how to have an online business/blog.

Just the knowing that I could, propelled me to this moment of being able to share with you.

So did you vacuum today? 

I am learning technical aspects that I had no idea existed. And I am not backing away from them. I keep going over them until I think I have a working knowledge. And guess what ?I am diligently sticking to a schedule of following classes to learn step by step setting up an online business.

Wow, what a surprise to know that I can and am being diligent and full of perseverance..

This is all because I was willing and shown how to take the first step. It is an unexpected gift.  Wow!

I am learning that choosing to do the things I am so hesitant to do are actually the things I need most to do. Have you also experienced that?

And all the while, I am experiencing such a huge paradigm shift happening in my life right now.  My body feels differently. I am focused, more vibrant, and so excited.

Can I say, I am thrilled to be writing? Oh yes indeed.

And I am so seeing myself as capable. Wow! Now what else could we possibly want, yes? All because I did vacuum so to speak!

I am interacting with others in more open freeing kind of arms flung wide to the world.

And whether or not in my wheelchair or walking, I am me, in my highest truth, the one who just took the step determined to inspire myself.

GRATITUDE because I did vacuum today!

Each day I awake full of ideas and gratitude.  Just because I did choose to vacuum today.

And every day that I honor that process, I am growing and flowing to a stronger space of YES WE CAN!

So what is your next step?

Please share it here. I can’t wait to hear all about it.

We can weave a proverbial global quilt of going forward one step and stitch at a time! are you in?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder of success-full-living.com, living one heart-centric moment at at time!


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2 thoughts on “DID YOU VACUUM TODAY?…or starting from where you are.

  1. Oh, I so wondered where your post was leading! That is the magic and excitement of your writing, Ariel. It’s perfectly clear to me, although, my path is from a different direction, the outcome is the same.

    I wish you a wonderful adventure each and every day. Keep on vacuuming sister!

    1. Hello Sue, thank you for this..so i took you on a bit of a ride yes? Wow! I seem to indeed have this quirky way of being able to put anything into some sort of context..it surprises me too! So glad you are here. In peace and gratitude and happy vacuuming to us all! ariel

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