Creating Our Own New Sense of Self Value…do we dare?

Creating Our Own New Sense of Self Value…do we dare?

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Do we dare to see the value of ourselves? Or even more importantly create a new sense of self value?

Well, I took the plunge several months ago. I decided that my time is now. I would finally use my writing skills and see where it takes me. I knew that one of the first steps would be learning how to have a website. And since I had not a clue where to turn, I looked on line for guidance.

Then Wealthy Affiliate popped up. I knew in my gut that this would be a safe landing space to learn what I needed to know. And to teach me the steps to building my own on line business.

As I am learning how to create this website and blog, I realized how having to take step by step action is also a call to my own rising  sense of self value.

creating our own new sense of self value

Doesn’t that sound so empowering? We are creating a new sense of self value. 

How many times have we taken on projects and just get discouraged and decide its too hard…and then say to ourselves perhaps we will get back to it another time. (And never do). Or worse yet, I can’t do this!

So what is it like when we turn that around and say I am doing this for me?

For me, the gift has been, that although I truly feel at times like my head is going to burst from learning all this new jargon and technical information, I have not backed away from the challenge of it!

creating new sense of self value

And I have to say that has completely changed my sense of can do!  And wow talk about empowerment on steroids! LOL.

That is not to say there are not moments, I know you know this feeling, when I just have to remove myself from the computer and watch Hallmark…grin. Or look for the sledgehammer.

At this moment though I would truly love to celebrate all of us who choose not to take the accepted designated path. Those of us who have decided I am going to do this no matter what.

I think it takes a different kind of courage to decide this is me standing up for me…and doing what I need for my world.

creating a new sense of self value

And it also adds up to the choice to feed ourselves first. 

Now that is truly a novel thought yes? Feed myself first? Hmm, I don’t know that I can even think that through. After all we have lived our lives for others, haven’t we?

The other day I actually felt so much joy and goosebumps at creating my first blog, that there was a  moment where I went…wow, I am inspiring to me!

Can we say that out loud? Inspiring ourselves? Wow that is amazing value isn’t it?

And that changes everything because we no longer need external inspiration as we found our own inner wellspring.

Now that is an amazing journey of discovery…yes?

creating a new sense of self value

Knowing that we have this new capacity to listen to what inspires us,

allows  for us to :

sense of self value

  1. live in the moment
  2. let go of judgment
  3. find our own spring of creativity
  4. listen to our own drive to be ourselves
  5. and live and work our own new sense of self value 
  6. Inspire ourselves to new heights and bigger goals
  7. creating a meditation/spiritual daily practice 
  8. be free of externalized constraints that have been defining us from society’s standpoint

creating our new sense of self value

So what are our next steps to be our own inspiration today?

1.Challenging ourselves to think out of the box

2.Create a new craft

3.Walking for 30 minutes

4.Giving our hearts to someone who needs a hug?

5. Being of service

6. Learning as much as we can about our business

7. Keeping our focus

8.Knowing that each step we take we are getting closer and closer to that spot of always knowing we can now fully rely on ourselves. 

9.Living in Compassion for ourselves and others. 



For every day that we are in this of learning how to inspire ourselves. Amazing things happen. New doors open. Our sense of self confidence completely changes. And we are living life on a very different energetic level.

Inspiring ourselves is probably the most important thing we can do to feed our souls and sense of self value.

And this is not something we are taught. So we have to learn how to be in that space. How to gently love ourselves so well that nothing but love can touch us!

And that is the key.

Loving ourselves means that not only are we willing to be loving. But it will also change how we interact with others. We will be in space that others will feel the change and live it also.

This is the essence of living a compassionate life. We give love not only to others but to the inner heart of our new sense of self value.

Talk about changing our world, huh?

What is your moment of self inspiration today?

Ask someone you have not had enough confidence to ask yet to meet for tea?



What challenge will you choose?

Please share them with me!

In peace and gratitude,

Founder of, living one heart-centric moment at a time!

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2 thoughts on “Creating Our Own New Sense of Self Value…do we dare?

  1. Hi Ariel,
    I agree with you, inspiring ourselves is probably the most important thing we can do to feed our souls and sense of self -value. I get so much inspiration from Bo and the group. I see one person learning a new skill and it makes me know I can learn that new skill too. It is bringing on a whole new sense of confidence.

    1. Hello Lisa, I think you are so right. And i feel exactly the same way. I know that no matter what my pace is, I will get it. And that is beyond empowering and inspirational. Yes we are so blessed to be part of this group indeed. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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