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Today I was doing my walk downtown. A gorgeous day. Full of sunshine. The leaves are changing, the mountains are showing themselves fully today. I love my walks. I get to people watch. Say a note of gratitude. And just soak in the moment.

And usually I see something that feeds my curiosity.

Today was no different. In fact, it was a lesson in compassion. Compassion comes in all forms.

As I crossed the street, I was watching a young couple. The man was wearing a front pack and seemed to be cuddling his child tightly. I thought it must be a very new baby the way he was cradling his arms.

I found myself filled with smiles seeing this young man so protective of his bundle. They were not quite in smile view, so I turned the corner.

Rounding the next block, the same couple came very close to me, and I started to comment on the love he seemed to be emanating. When to my surprise a closer look, showed that the bundle was a not a human baby.

It was a baby ferret!

You know the feeling when you are so ready to have a really sweet ahhh moment, and then something changes it to a different kind of ahhh moment?

Wow. Yeah. That kind of moment. My face probably did not register just surprise!

I caught myself in quite a giggle. And kept on walking.

Another day of curiosity in my beloved city. And somehow I knew it was not just going to be a chuckle story. But rather something all of us could relate to and share. I could not wait to share this story.

Then it hit me. I was caught a bit off guard that it was not an adorable baby. It was still a baby animal.I still could have given the young man the compliment of how extraordinary it was to have him showing his love.

So there it was. Compassion comes in all forms.

And I seemed to have given that particular moment away!
Did I miss a perfect moment of spreading compassion?

It is not that baby animals are less worthy of comment. Its just that I did not think that someone would be carrying their pet ferret in a child pack. But then again, why not?

Ahhh, love is love. Compassion comes in all forms. This man was comfortable showing his love and compassion by walking through the streets of downtown cradling his baby ferret. And he seemed happy.

Are there other moments we tend to scoff off interacting with compassion?
I did not much like that thought. You mean I actually did not give my best ??? Sometimes I am not sure about this human experience! Are you?

Compassion and being present are becoming my rudders. It is my compass to knowing how I am interacting with myself and the world. In total responsible consciousness.

I remember for many years people used to say to me, you need to stop wearing your heart on your sleeve”. And I was completely confused by that saying.

I mean, at first I felt shamed that apparently I was doing something wrong.
But then it settled into my heart and consciousness.

What is better than wearing your heart in a place where everyone including myself could see it?

What is better than shining our heart light? What would our world look like, feel like, if everyone wore their heart light brightly shining?

I know it’s my wish, my living in a space where love is truly the answer. I get that not everyone lives there. It doesn’t mean that I cannot hope each time we share a smile or hug we are changing the world.

I can feel the difference when I truly live in that loving space. And I can, arggh, feel the difference when I am not!

So I went to some of my Masters for an interpretation of compassion.

Here are two of my favorite quotes from Thich Nhat Hanh and Ram Dass:

Please click on his photo for some of his books.

Here is a link to Wikipedia for more information on Thich Nhat Hanh.

“Compassion is born from understanding. Understanding what? Suffering. And if you know how to suffer then you suffer much less. Second lesson: Compassion should be directed to yourself first. Our civilization has a tendency to want to run away from ourselves. But we can go home to ourselves without fear. Third lesson: As a community, you can generate energy of compassion. This power can help others much more quickly.” Thich Nhat Hanh

Please click on his photo for some of Ram Dass’s books.

Here is a link to Wikipedia for more information on Ram Dass.

Compassion is the basis of all truthful relationships: it means being present with love ~ for ourselves and for all life, including animals, fish, birds, and trees. Compassion is bringing our deepest truth into our actions, no matter how much the world seems to resist, because that is ultimately what we have to give this world and one another.–Ram Dass

I really can appreciate Thich Nhat Hanh perception that we need to direct our compassion to our self first. If I do not show myself compassionate thinking, then I am only mirroring an empty offering to others.

Oh, that is not an easy to swallow thought. I cannot be completely devoted to the expression of compassion if I am not willing to fill myself up first. So am I willing? Are we willing?

When Ram Dass says this is what we have to give to the world, it fills me with such a sense of knowing direction. I can feel, see and hear what that means.

Now it is up to me to follow through. I feel emboldened and driven. It goes right to the heart on my sleeve and my core.

Let’s try this.  Out loud, and feel how the energy changes in our bodies.

Today I am the master of compassion.
I am the giver of love and understanding.
I live in complete open-hearted love.

It feels so good to live compassionately.

It feels so good to see others as source light.

It feels so good to see myself as source light.

It feels so good to love myself unconditionally.

It feels so good to flow in the connection of hope and joy.

It feels so good to be love.

I am love

I am compassion.

Did you feel the change in your heart? Feel how strong your body feels?

Okay, world. Let’s do this. Today and every day is our day of compassion. We are loving ourselves and everyone who comes into our consciousness. It doesn’t matter if we connect with them.

We just have to be compassionately loving.

Are we up for the heart rising?

Yup, I think so!

Just for fun and to use as a reminder in our daily living in compassion, buy yourself one of these balls to squeeze.

Many thanks for my friend John, for his insight, huge heart, and words to help me get this page in print and out in plain sight.

Thank you so much for being here.

I am looking forward to hearing how this  works in your world.


In peace and flowing gratitude,

founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time

















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