Common Health Issues for Men

Common Health Issues for Men

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health issues for men

Common Health Issues for men. What are they are and how do we deal with them? Let’s start by dealing with the most prevalent. Diabetes, heart disease, testosterone, and liver disease. Are  you experiencing any of these? Well let’s do talk about them.

While men and women are equal in many things such as intelligence, some distinct health issues tend to affect men more commonly. This is a situation that is often exacerbated by the culture of masculinity in Society that prevents men from getting the help that they need or looking after their health. However, as most of these issues are treatable, if not curable, it is vital that men seek help when they are suffering from one of the problems below. Read on to find out more.



Diabetes is common disorder among men, and it is caused by the body having an abnormal reaction to sugar or insulin in the body. Type 1 diabetes is usually present from childhood. However, type 2 is linked to a poor diet high in refined sugar as well as a high BMI.

Often the masculine traits of eating a hearty diet high in fatty red meat, convenience foods, and not being so body conscious can contribute to the risk factors involved here. Luckily, diabetes can be treated and managed with dietary changes and medication in some cases. Although, many men can see their symptoms go into remission through balancing their diet and exercising, as long as their doctor monitors it.

And diabetes is one of the health issues that truly is controllable. It is our choice what we eat and how we eat.

We are what we eat! Especially with our health issues!

mens health issues

Did you know these herbs can help you keep your levels more normalized?

And the foods that are best for controlling Diabetes are :

Fresh greens and veggies, beans, lentils, nuts and fresh fruits. And there is some data that if you follow this regimen you will be able to let go of any medications.  Now that is really something to look forward to yes? And its all within our reach. We just have to reach for it, and then make it happen.

Low testosterone,  major common health issues for men

Testosterone (T) is a hormone that is present in both men and women but affects each sex differently. In men, low T levels are linked to hair loss, as well as erectile dysfunction, and anemia.


Luckily, when discovered low T can be treated with testosterone supplements that can be administered intravenously, orally, and even subdermally. Something that means it is well worth getting such issues diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.  

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Liver disease.

The risk of liver disease is much higher in men than it is in women, and this is due to a combination of genetic factors as well as the impact that the culture of masculinity can have on men’s alcohol consumption. After all, men are expected to drink in a certain way, either regularly or too excess, and this will have an adverse effect on liver health.


If you are concerned about your liver health, then it is essential to seek a screening for any issues as quickly as possible. In the meantime and to promote long-term liver health, cut down or eradicate drinking altogether and be sure to keep hydrated through the entire day.  


Heart disease. Yup, common health issues for men!

men's health issues

Sadly, men are also at higher risk of heart disease than their female counterparts. In particular, this can include conditions such as block arteries as well as murmurs, and arrhythmia. Heart attacks are also more common in men and can come seemly out of the blue and be incredibly seriously to their health and wellbeing.

With that in mind, looking after your physical health, exercising, and reducing cholesterol can be a good way of protecting your heart health in the long term. Although, if you are currently suffering painful symptoms it is crucial to act quickly and get to your nearest medical facility to get your symptoms checked out right away,

Knowing that exercising is a vital part of staying healthy, do find ways to enjoy exercising. Walk with a friend, go hiking. Take a yoga class. There are so many ways to stay healthy with exercise. And fun too!

Meditation as a tool for optimum Health

And don’t forget that meditation is a great tool for any health issues.  Giving yourself time during the day to meditate can ease stress, lower blood pressure and give us all a generalized feeling of peace and joy. So do give it a try.

Here are some ways to begin if  you have not yet ventured into the amazing world of meditation. Candle gazing, walking meditation, and just breathing your breath. And healing with a singing bowl, have you tried that?

mens health issues



We all have to deal at one time or another with health issues. And men are particularly prone to some more than women. Liver disease, low testosterone, diabetes and heart disease are a few major health issues specifically for men. Know that this might be problematic for you, there are options.

These options can be helped by food, and exercise and getting great health care attention. But certainly, we are what we eat. And mother nature has given us great options to help us be at our best health. The choice is ours to really grab it and use it with gusto and vibrancy.

So how my male readers our there, dealing with your own health issues? Are you ready to be the contractor of your own health? Ready to take charge and make good health be your normal ? I so hope so. Tell me what you are doing to stay fit and healthy. It just might help another person.

In peace and gratitude,


Founder, CEO,

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6 thoughts on “Common Health Issues for Men

  1. Hi Ariel, this is important information for sure. It is good to know some of the health issues that men may face, so we can make sure that they take this seriously and see their doctor! It is great that you provided a list of healthy foods to add to your diet to avoid some of the health issues too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hello Tara, We are all needing to be more diligent about our health indeed.. Oh so glad you enjoyed the post. So glad to see you here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. My husband eats waaay more sugar, sweets and junk food than I do, but I am the one that developed diabetes. I no longer need medication, but my morning sugars are always high. Thanks for the list of foods to help normalize those levels. I can eat them to help mine and keep him from getting diabetes.

    1. Hello Shelley, I am so happy you stopped by here! Wow that is something.. and yay you for not needing medication. The one thing about diabetes is that it is in our control, isn’t it? So making choices to eat well truly brings us back to health. Keep up the great work. I wish you glowing joy! In peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. My husband eats way more sweets and junk food than I, but I’m the one that became diabetic. Thanks for the list of foods to keep my sugar levels more normal. We both can eat them and get my levels more normal and maybe prevent him from becoming diabetic.

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