Can your body recover alcohol abuse?

Can your body recover alcohol abuse?

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alcohol abuse

Living in Alcohol Abuse, the question is asked can our bodies recover? 

Some people have something so bad happen to them in life, that they develop an addictive personality. To combat the pain they feel, they will often try to find comfort in food, alcohol and other bad habits like drug abuse.

There is a legitimate reason why if you are such a person that is suffering from your own actions, to be upset at your mind and body. There are studies that show, some people get a hit of dopamine when they eat junk food, abuse drugs and drink alcohol.

It’s clear to see the effects of overeating and drug addiction, but alcohol abuse often goes unnoticed. This is because the damage is being done internally and rarely shows itself on the surface. Where the most damage is being done is on the inside, where our organs are taking the most punishment.

Our cognitive skills can also worsen but this is later on in the addiction. When you have taken the decision to no longer be at the mercy of your addiction, you can speed up your recovery by helping your body repair.


Watch your eating habits while in Alcohol Abuse Recovery

The liver takes quite a beating when we drink too much. It’s quite a beautiful organ that filters out the nutrients and supplies our body with the compounds and molecules we need to be strong and healthy. Drinking will often hurt the liver and limit its capability to function normally.

So, when you’re recovering watch what you eat. You don’t want to put too much stress on your liver by eating complex food groups. Stay away from processed foods, as this gives the liver a rest and allows it to not work so hard. Therefore, eat healthily and eat organically.

Eating well is truly how we also live well. Consider going to your local farmer’s market and buying foods just from the ground. Nourish your body and your senses with whole foods that heal.

Repair the ruptures for Alcohol Abuse Recovery

alcohol abuse

Alcohol is very acidic. This happens when it goes through the long fermentation process. You’re essentially drinking a volatile substance which makes your stomach work harder to suppresses the gases and limit the wear and tear on the inside.

The silky slime that coats the stomach is to help protect you from the harmful acids you eat, drink and make to break down the food. However, it’s common for stomach ulcers to grow inside your stomach. Much like the open sores that occur in the mouth, these are open wounds or ruptures in the stomach lining.

For treatment, you should see a digestive health specialist where they can make an accurate assessment. They can operate on you to heal any damage but also, give you medicine that will repair the ulcers and limit the swelling.


Chill out more for Alcohol Abuse Recovery

Stress is a big factor for people with addiction. It’s one of the main reasons why they go on the search to find some relief in their life. When recovering from an alcohol addiction, you must not put yourself in a situation where you will become highly charged.

This means try to live a more aloof life. When you get off work, take a nap or lie down listening to calming music. Go for walks to clear your mind.

One of the best things you can do is find a new hobby to focus on something new and different.

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MEDITATION for Alcohol Abuse Recovery

alcohol abuseLiving in a space of having to find the balance to health, starts with our thinking, doesn’t it?

So learning how to spend time in meditation and peace will help create new neuropathways and patterns of positive healing and thinking.

Try simple forms of meditation, there are apps to use like Headspace. Or you can just begin your own meditation for simple breathing. Be aware of your breath and feel it going into all parts of your body.

Here is a meditation to try:

Sit comfortably

Take 3 Breaths and easily let them out.

Take a 4th breath and ask it to help heal your body and thoughts. See it as it travels through all parts of your body.

Now take the breath and place it in your heart.

See it filling your heart with love.

And say:

I am love

I am worthy of being well.

I will live in wellness

Say this 3 times.

Then visualize how wellness looks to you. See your body

being healthy and strong.

Do this 2x per day for a week. And see the changes.

If you are also interested in meditation in motion, do read this article. It is all about walking meditation. It is amazing to do. Very relaxing and stress less!

SUMMARY recovering from Alcohol Abuse 

Recovering from any kind of harmful addiction is never going to be easy. Our bodies need to be in unison with our mind. Cleaning our bodies will help us come to a better more positive space in our minds too.

This process can be helped with being totally holistic in our approach. Using meditation, being aware of putting good food into our systems, changing our thoughts. And also being aware that we might need to change the people we are hanging out with.

Right now we want to focus on the potential of our life. Growing positivity and health.

Reach out to whomever might be able to help you be the best you can be.

I wish you ease in finding this new path to health and alcohol recovery.

Light the path in peace and gratitude,

we speak in love, we see in love, we hear in love


living one heart centric moment at a time

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