CAN I ACHIEVE INNER PEACE, in my own head?

CAN I ACHIEVE INNER PEACE, in my own head?

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inner peace

Wow, now that is a question that speaks volumes! For what is peace? How do we define it? Meaning we want our heads to stop chattering so incessantly, or that we want to live in true peace through our day?

Can I achieve inner peace in my own head? Is it possible?


First off to me, my definition of inner peace is like a ship that sails on calm seas. Nothing pitches it forwards or backwards or even sideways. We know our compass is always pointing true north and there is no need for drama.

I think one of the most important questions we can ask is why do we look outside of ourselves thinking that will being us peace? And one of the answers that comes to me is that when we are looking externally for happiness and peace, it is not the truth.

Wikipedia defines inner peace as also peace of mind. And being in a deliberate state of calm or peace not affected by external stressors.

loving inner peace

Our great teachers have all sayings that explain peace. A Taoist answer is self acceptance. Eckhard Tolle says, We lose inner peace if we are dependent on external sources. The Dalai Lama says, do not let others determine your inner peace. Ralph Waldo Emerson, No one can bring your peace but you.

Rumi said, When you are in peace you are closest to your own truth. Gandhi said, each of us has to find the peace from within. Marianne Williamson said, we cannot give what we do not have. We cannot bring peace if we do not live peace inside ourselves.

Pema Chodron said, Inner peace begins the moment we do not allow another person, or event to control our emotions.

So is living inner peace dependent on our understanding of our inner heart? Yes.


When we talk about living in inner peace what does that mean? How do we do it?

Meditation is a starter place. When we go deep inside in the stillness of our own hearts, we can start to see our state of being. In this space we feel throughout our inner and outer bodies the unification of just being.

It can appear as a bit docile. It is not rocked by whatever is external. In truth, it is quiet strength and courage. It is the core of our beingness.

And it takes a great amount of determination and understanding to stay in this space. To understand that nothing will take our peace away.

inner peace2

For instance should someone be rageful in front of us, we are not rocked by it. It is their peace that is giving out, not ours.

I had a friend that used to say, hold your peace. And I was always intrigued by that. If we hold our peace, there is no room for negative. And exponentially we get to expand our peace just by the space we occupy. It also allows us to see others as peaceful without judgment.

So it is also, holding our peace, living our peace, speaking our peace. That does not mean we are evangelistic. It just means we live it, as a living, vibrant, core of our truth.


  • In this space of inner peace, there is nothing to prove.
  • We are not having to explain ourselves
  • We do not live in the world of inflated egos.
  • We are not jarred by external events
  • We do not live in the space of jumbled minds
  • We are living in stillness
  • We are living in balance with our true harmony
  • Everything is perfect just the way it is
  • Gifts are always around us if we choose to see them
  • We see our daily occurrences and interactions as sacred
    We feel the direct connection to the divine
  • We know we are living in the realm of love
  • There is not a sense of having to be heard or feeling diminished
  • Glowing health
  • feeling of living in simple joy



Choosing inner peace as a way of life, is a lifelong commitment to dedication of self and peace.

I think I must make that choice several times a week or even daily! So it is not an easy path.

But that is how I choose to live. The merits of living in inner peace are numerous. We can live much easier and healthier. And find vibrancy in our peace. It means we do not need to explain ourselves.

It means to me, that we live our lives as we choose, not externally driven. I am the ship that is floating in the ease of a beautiful blue-green ocean, calm and still.

When we live a deep inner life, amazing things happen. Life flows, doors open. Love is always there. And we get to see the best of everyone we meet!

Join me!

Let me know how you describe inner peace. I really want to hear your story.

Thank you so much for reading this!


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