Caffeine and Heart Health, Reasons to Stop Using!

Caffeine and Heart Health, Reasons to Stop Using!

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Caffeine and Heart health?  Is there a relationship?

Is our cuppa java in the morning really the best thing for our health? Caffeine and heart health along with the rest of our systems, is that a dilemma?  As  a child i remember watching my mother every morning reaching for her coffee. And if for any reason she did not have her coffee, she would have a headache.  It really started me thinking, what is in this bean that gives us that stimulant and jolt?

And is this stimulant really good for our heart health? Or for that matter any part of our bodies? Do you have a feelnig about this?

When it comes to maintaining optimal health, it can at times seem like the modern world is conspiring against us and our wellbeing.

heart and caffeine

Stimulants, like Caffeine

From doctors errors, to suspect dietary advice promoted largely by powerful advocacy groups, to lobbying in the pharmaceutical industry, sometimes the best health advice is to just listen to your own body and do the things that make you feel better and more stable in the long term.


Stimulants, in general, are commonly abused by people needing to stay wired and active 24/7, and among the broader category of stimulants, caffeine, in particular, is abused by virtually every member of society at some point in their life or another.

coffee and heart health

But do you really feel comfortable being addicted to a substance, just because it’s legal? And do you ever feel like your constant caffeine intake might be detrimental to your health in one way or another?

According to “The simple answer is that it doesCaffeine in high doses raises your blood level of epinephrine. Epinephrine is also known as adrenalin. In pure forms, epinephrine canincrease blood pressure, increase the contractility or force of the heart, and mildly increase the heart rate”.

Here are some reasons you might want to quit caffeine.


Your stress hormone production may be completely out of control


One of the things that caffeine does, is to massively ramp up your body’s production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. The purpose of these hormones is to put you into “fight or flight” mode, in order to escape or overcome a potential threat.

coffee and heart health

Being in “fight or flight” mode is hard on your body, as vital processes are halted, and energy is redirected, in order to help you resolve the problem.


If you’re constantly in fight or flight mode, and are constantly producing stress hormones, due to your caffeine intake — then things start to go badly wrong very quickly. Your adrenal and thyroid glands can become overtaxed and shut down, your blood sugar can go haywire, and your mood can become dominated by constant, high-level anxiety.



2. Roasted Barley


4.Dandelion Root

5.Pero Instant Beverage

6.Ayurvedic Natural Roast

There are opportunities for not having caffeine. The choice is ours to make. Will these substitutes taste just like coffee? No but it is worth our health, yes?
Stimulants,like caffeine, can disrupt your sleep, which in turn ruins your heart health


One of the key reasons that people use stimulants like caffeine, is to help themselves wake up when they’re otherwise feeling sleepy.


The problem comes when the use of such substances is so continuous that your sleep is affected as a result. This is more common than you might think, with virtually all people who quit caffeine reporting vastly improved sleep after a short while.

caffeine and heart health

A lack of sleep will, in turn, exacerbate existing stress, and cause a cascade of negative health conditions, including raising your risk of all-cause mortality.


As a rule of thumb, be wary of anything that disrupts your sleep. And that is great advice. For if we are not sleeping well, that means that most of our systems are not rested enough to work well. And sleep deprevation is not how we want to live our lives, is it? 

caffeine and heart health

The more you rely on stimulants, the less stable and consistent your energy levels will be


People, of course, use caffeine for energy. But the more you use caffeine, and the higher your resistance to it becomes, the less stable and consistent your energy levels will be as a result.

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Soon, you’ll find that you’re really just downing cups of coffee to feel normal, and to keep the energy crashes at bay, and you’ll notice that your energy tends to come in major peaks and dips.

It should go without saying that energy crashes throughout the day aren’t a sign of optimal health.

According to the American Heart Association , 1-2 cups of coffee per day are the maximum we should  use. Anything after that is overkill and just merely stimulants.


So are we really dependent on our cup of java? And now knowing how it impacts our health, are we willing to make some changes? There are many ways to substitute for our morning coffee. It might not taste as we are used to . But they are far more healthy. And after all, isn’t that what we are so after?

Why put our hearts at risk, when there is no reason for it? Thriving and living well, now that is the ticket, yes?

So next time you reach for another cup of coffee, try asking yourself, do I really need this? Or is my health more important?


In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

living one heart-centric moment at a time



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