AT THE HEART OF GRATITUDE, 5 Ways to Inner Comfort

AT THE HEART OF GRATITUDE, 5 Ways to Inner Comfort

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grateful heart Maya Angelou

Gratitude. A huge word in my world. Because it has an element of love and a generous sprinkling of heart opening thankfulness. It brings a smile to my entire body. Sometimes even just saying the word changes my thinking.

Do you know what I mean? Try repeating the word gratitude three times slowly and with feeling. See how much calmer and at peace your body feels. That is powerful. Yes?

So at the heart of gratitude, there is a space of great letting go. Of being able to see through that which might have felt challenging and instead understand it is just a mere nuisance.

I can even visualize the heart of gratitude. To me, it is an expansive space where colors merge into themselves and peace is the offering. It feels like being enveloped in a warm ocean breeze where the sun just kisses my skin.

When is the last time we told someone in our lives how grateful we are for them? And why do we get embarrassed telling others this simple sweet thing?


gratitude Dalai Lama

Watch a young child and see how easily she just throws herself into the arms of her mother. Knowing that she will be held safely and comfortably. How wonderful would it be if we still did that as adults? What a different paradigm we would be living.


Did you know that being in a grateful state literally lowers your blood pressure? That is worth working on. And when we tell others we are grateful for them, it alters and enhances our relationships.

Gratitude is also a place deep within that allows us to drop our negativity.

Did you know that living in gratitude promotes better sleep?

Did you know that it reduces anger and encourages empathy?

Did you know that gratitude improves our own self-esteem?

Did you know that our psychological health is determined by our level of gratitude?

Now that we do know all of these amazing things about gratitude, how do we choose to reside in gratitude to promote all of these benefits?

Here are some ideas.


1. Gratitude Journal. 5 minutes a day will completely change our outlook. Find a beautiful journal, or make one yourself and decorate it with things that automatically bring you joy and thankfulness. Then every day set your phone timer for 5 minutes whenever it works for you.

And literally sit down and write for 5 minutes all the ways, people and things that you are grateful for. No matter how insignificant it might seem. Write it down. It will help in focusing on how to be fully present and aware.


new day dawning

2. Choosing gratitude will actually lengthen our life span. Each moment we have the choice of negativity or simple gratitude. When we choose gratitude most of the time, it eases our bodies. Makes them more healthy and promotes longevity. So choose gratitude. And be ready to see the difference in all aspects of your world.

3. Get out and walk 30 to 40 minutes a day while thinking thoughts of gratitude. It will increase your vitality level. Getting moving is always a remedy for health. Walking with gratitude doubles down on the holistic impact it will have. You will feel lighter and have more vitality.


walking with joy


4. Gratitude is an attitude adjustment. It can actually make us feel happier and more peaceful. Take a moment each day and smile while saying the word gratitude. Imagine if every interaction we have is light and easy. Whew, that is really an attitude adjustment and flowing through our lives.

5. Accepting gratitude into our lives, motivates, enhances and raises self-esteem and interpersonal connections. Consider making yourself a gratitude vessel. And each time something happens that is just steeping in gratitude, write it on a piece of paper and deposit it into your jar. Or keep putting change in. And when the jar is full, you can treat yourself.

give thanks


Living in gratitude, means simple thankfulness. It is not complicated or labor intensive. But it can seriously change your world.

I like doing this meditation standing up, it just feels expansive and freeing. If you are able to stand try this. If not it works sitting down as well.

So stand up, Raise up your arms as if you are lifting them to the sky.
Feel your heart opening.

Smile as broadly as you can. Think of something that brings you joy.

Then say 3 things you are grateful for. From a good breakfast to someone who unexpectedly truly saw you.

Take a breath and then circle your arms around as if blowing in the wind.
Feel the changes in your body, relaxing, calming, comfort.
And then say, I am living in gratitude, Try it 3 times.

Doing this meditation at least once per day will completely change your sense of self.
Let me know how it works for you.


meditation of gratitude

Living in gratitude starts with the moment we awaken. Try this morning mastery ritual program to start  your day in joy, love and gratitude. Please click here.


Gratitude is actually the act of thankfulness. At every moment we have the choice to live in that space or negativity. The idea that gratitude makes us so much stronger, healthier, happier, and vibrant, seems to be the perfect path for success full living!


Knowing that gratitude is such a potent concept enables us to change our perceptions, expectations, and attitude.
It has been shown through studies that people doing gratitude journals have better relationships, better careers and live a much happier healthier life.


a good day

So here is our challenge. How willing are we to change our lives through a very simple process?

If the answer is we are willing. This is what I am thinking. Each day we start by affirming our gratitude. When we awaken, let’s try saying:” I am so grateful for another day. Thank you Universe.”

We do our gratitude journal perhaps mid day. Before bedtime, we do the meditation. That way it ensures a lovely night of sleep.

Does that sound doable?

I would really like to hear how this works for everyone. I know that having gratitude in my life changes my sense of peace. I am able to live in a more peaceful, quiet easy flow. And heart-centric living.

And that is what I wish for everyone. It’s all about the flow!

May this day bring you quiet joy and heart opening love.
I so look forward to hearing how this is working for you. Please comment below.

In peace and gratitude,
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