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Hello! So lovely to meet you.

I am Ariel.

After a long illness I have taught myself to walk again! Needless to say, grin, I am so ready to create life on my terms with an interactive community and a new zest for living.


I was living with a dis-ease that left me in a wheelchair. I was told that I would spend the rest of my life in a nursing home. The day that zinger edict came, it was wrapped with sadness, shame, guilt and labels that I could not grasp. Invalid which really means in-valid. And dis-abled meaning less than.

So my journey began having to come to grips with the internal fight of my own willingness and vulnerability to find acceptance of this “new normal”. The first step was willingness to be seen in the wheelchair. This was really huge for me.

Have you noticed that people look away at people in wheelchairs? As if riding a wheelchair is contagious!  But the perceived shame of it worked, because I felt lessened, diminished, small.

And if we are not “productive” in terms of societal expectations and working, we are just invisible. So that became another nail in my heart.

Unexpectedly, courage and vulnerability stepped up to become my intimate allies.

Having spent my ‘before” life as a people pleaser, I was an apt student at judging myself harshly. The illness only magnified my poor judgment.

Do you know what I mean?

May I say, this process has not been pretty.  It has not been draped in glitter or presented with a gorgeous bow. I have gone through fire and torched by experiences that have led me to a path of learning extreme letting go.


This website is therefore dedicated to emancipation of what Bob Marley called “mental slavery.”  I think he meant, our thoughts that act like containers to stop us from becoming our true selves.

I emancipated myself through sheer will and belief that there would be a new day.  Knowing that someone else’s judgment or diagnosis did not fit my new perception of self led me on quite a journey.

I began to meditate . And then visualized myself walking and not having daily episodes that were seizure like.

And then one day, I started to take my first erratic, totally ungraceful steps!  I was sure there was a presenter with a medal waiting for me! And each day I walked a bit more.

Now I walk about 2 hours per day or more and exercise twice a day. I live in a beautiful apartment with windows that overlook my beloved Blue Ridge mountains.

Each morning ritual begins with sitting at my window filled with gratitude.

I am still coming to grips with the process of accepting boundaries, like when do I know I have overdone, when do I need to push more, or when have I not acknowledged my inner voice.

Yet through the dust, that is at times unsettling, I can finally see a path of great light. This process has been such a gift of value, even more than the actual outcome.

As an artist, writer, facilitator, grandmother and now believer in the positive, my spiritual life has been the opening gate to finding courage, strength, patience and self loving.

Joy to me comes from simplicity and connections. My plants, my family, friends, the unexpected shared smile of a stranger, gifting handmade gifts, the art of creating beauty, exploring and finding new ways to live in my true higher self.

I am no longer just the container of my body. I am the spiritual leader and CEO of me!

My definition of success and abundance is far different than external societal expectations, it is holistic. It is mind, body and soul.

I have been dreaming and visualizing of an online successful business, knowing that I am totally responsible for my own success. So here I am, taking the leap of faith!

Will you join me?

My greatest joy, would be to inspire others that have heard “No you can’t, and turn it to ‘oh yes, yes I can!”

So I am saying a big YES to this lovely new journey!

I believe in the simplicity of loving each other, and being of service in ways that inspire and motivate. I am hoping you will share your life stories here.

Please let me know how we can connect and be a part of lifting each other up. Leave your comments and stories below. I will respond.

Thank you for being here!

Join me in successful living…we are all worthy of this sweet journey.
In peace and gratitude


founder of  success-full-living.com

Our legacy is every life we touch.

                     Maya Angelou

Let me know what you are thinking. Feel free to comment below. I want to hear from you!

PS. Since I realized that i would need to augment my disability, I was searching for an online presence that would give me the courage, start  and education to create this blog. I found it . It’s called Wealthy Affiliates.  If you want to know more please click here. WA has completely changed my world. Wishing you well always.








30 thoughts on “ABOUT ARIEL

  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us that there is hope for all of our wishes and dreams. That we are not subjected to circumstances, but rather that they our hopes and dreams are subjected to us.

    Hope, healing and a new spiritual leader CEO which is ME! Thanks for that.

    A lot of us believe that we cannot do because we are just supposed to put up because fate has arranged it like that.

    Your story touched my heart and brought a genuine sombreness to my spirit only because of the honesty and simplicity behind the reward.

    Amazing and I’m meant to be here, so I thank you for that.


  2. And you are completely amazing Becky! What courage you have to say your life is changing! You are inspiring!
    And yes, the universe always guides us to where we need to be, I learned that the hard way! And the being there is learning to fully see, hear and understand the gift in where we are at this moment…I think we probably all struggle with that.
    I honor you.
    thank you

  3. As one of the ‘Lucky Ones’ who has been blessed to observe you journey, I want to say thank you…

    You are the real-deal…

    thank you for sharing you journey, not only with me but others…

    Blessings my friend…

  4. Thank you John, for not only witnessing my journey , but for having been a huge part of bestowing and showing me the process. I am so grateful. May you always be showered in blessings and love. I am honored that I get to share your journey. I am the lucky one. in peace and so much gratitude, ariel

  5. Thank you Ariel for sharing with us in such a profound and a beautiful way your story.
    In general we are so much disconnected from the basics of human needs and from the nature itself.
    Yet, we are all gifted in many ways, through out talents or knowledge, and we can and should enrich others life’s as you do through this successful living website.
    What a great idea, thank you Ariel.
    Tom Tabor

    1. Thank you Tom!
      I love that concept of enriching other’s lives…and I am sure you do that really well!
      Thank you for being a part of this journey. I look forward to hearing more about your story.
      in peace and gratitude,ariel

  6. People need this kind of inspiration in our materialistic world.The victory of spirit over the body is always inspiring and contagious.
    I am sure this site will be a great help for many people. Thanks for sharing your story and the site, Ariel.:)

    1. Thank you Vera! I love how you put it..the victory of spirit over the body. Please come back and visit soon.Thank you for your inspiration. I truly hope it works! ariel

  7. Thank you for your transparency and giving us a glimpse of your life. What a journey you have had! Some would have taken the bitter pill and just lived with it. But not you – the one who refused to accept that answer. That is wonderful.

    I love how you say ” I am the spiritual leader and CEO of me!” Yes, you are. Continue forward in that positive spirit, for only goodness will come your way.

    Thank you for the inspiration.


    1. Dear Yvette, So many thanks for your kind words and encouragement. As you know taking this journey we call life is all about what curriculum we choose to follow. I choose life..
      thank you for being you..and being here! ariel

  8. Hello Tim!
    Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I wish you showers of blessings and dreams that manifest in ways that completely feed your soul.

  9. Good afternoon Ariel,

    All human beings will encounter their obstacles on their life path, be these obstacles physical, mental, or of spiritual nature.
    These so-called life lessons are put there to give us the possibility to overcome and solve them and learning during the process.
    When one gets older and one looks back one hopefully will be able to recognize the why of things.
    I admire your willpower and feel you will make it.
    Your website will present a ray of light in people’s life, people who have not yet found their way out yet.

    Regards, Taetske

    1. Hello Taetske! So many thanks for visiting! And your very kind words of encouragement. You are so right, and as it has been said, a mountain moves out of the way of the master, for a master knows no obstacles. I think as we forge our way through this journey of curriculum we learn, it is our heart that also determines our interactions as obstacles or just accepting its another lesson.
      It is in the process of daily living we see and hear the beauty of our own truth..yes?
      And we all can shine so beautifully! I am guessing you are one shining heart! Wishing you much success. And hope you come back soon! Ariel

    2. Hello Taetske! So many thanks for your kind and encouraging words! It is so true that we rise to the occasion and challenge. I think we all make the effort to be a ray of light! I certainly do hope this website will be a place for others to know that indeed yes we can! wishing you great success and joy, ariel

  10. Oh, Ariel, your personal story is spell-binding. Inspirational. Motivational. And you tell it so well. I am astounded that you don’t have a list of books you’ve written and published displayed at the end of this post. Please, please, Ariel, do the world a favor and write your autobiography (if you haven’t already). The world needs your message. I admire your courage and perseverance. I want to hear more.

    1. Hello Bo! Thank you so much for for being here. And I indeed honor yours. What an incredibly lovely thing to say to someone. I am so grateful. I hope to hear more about your journey also. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  11. Hello Bo, I also wanted to say to you that I am in awe of your tradition. I have enjoyed looking at your website. I hope we do indeed get to share more. in peace and gratitude, ariel

  12. Ariel, I have wandered over many paths during my life and have never accepted the ‘you can’t do that’ line. How in heck do those who say that know anyone well enough to discourage them so much.

    And I really get your bit about becoming invisible. My very good friend was in an unfortunate riding accident in Zimbabwe and ended up a paraplegic. And unfortunately due to the hospital conditions over there she got HIV from a blood transfusion.

    I met her at my old area in northern New South Wales through a mutual non friend (she phoned me up for info).

    Being a long subject I asked her to come and chat over coffee. I took it for granted that she could get to me. And she did. When she got back from Africa she got very tired of folks doing everything for her. So she secretly booked herself into a rehab centre and came out driving.

    The ridiculous story of this time was once when she was driving to Brisbane. The car had a flat. She unloaded her wheelchair and sat by the car for over an hour trying to flag someone down to help her.

    She zoomed around the country at great speed until she had to change gears. Then we slowed down. Going around roundabouts, if they were too tight she often had to lean too far and would fall over. Boy the looks on passers by was so hilarious.

    When shopping we would make it really obvious that a wheelchair bound person was in town. You know after a while all the regulars joined in and we had fun. People need to face that some others have issues and encourage them to try their best to achieve.

    That she did and although she is now dead, she had many years of extra life with good friends all around.

    I was really glad for you after reading this and well done.

    See you around.


    1. Hello Helen! What an amazing inspiring story! It gave me goosebumps reading this! Thank you so much for sharing it. And I can only imagine how much both of your lives just filled up your hearts! I am so glad to chat with you. I hope you will stop by again soon. I wish you great joy and success. No is a word that does not exist to me either! In peace and gratitude, ariel

  13. Ariel, what a beautifully written, heart-wrenching, inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.
    As a fellow Grannie, I have lived a while, too, and life has given me challenges. Different than yours, certainly, and by no means, as physically challenging. I have found they present enormous growth opportunities. We seem to share that outlook. I too am deeply grateful. And grateful at this moment for you!

    1. Hello Annie, I am so grateful you stopped by. It is a story. But it is not any longer my life. And it did so inspire me to become a YES WE CAN person. You said that so well, that each instance is a gift of insight. I am thrilled you have surpassed and loved your challenges also.I am glad I am getting to know you. I am also so grateful each day. And it is so important to live in gratitude. It changes our bodies too! In peace and gratitude, ariel

  14. Hello my dear friend~
    Each time I hear about your journey to wholeness I’m inspired by your courage and, perhaps most of all, by your unwavering belief in the goodness of the universe. You are a joy and a gift. Your words and lovingkindness are a blessing in my life.
    With much love and many hugs,

    1. Hello Dear Rachel, Oh you made my cry with your beautiful loving words I am so grateful you are in my life! I love you. Thanks for stopping by too! I am so happy to see you here. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  15. Ariel, it has been a real joy of meeting you for such a short while, which seem to be a long time. Frist, I want to thank you for this invitation to get to know more about the new you. Yes, this is much an inspiration to me.

    I really admire your strength, power and gratitude. That’s awesome. My tour of your site is beyond wonderful. It is translucent.
    You’re an inspiration to many. Do continue to enjoy this courageous journey. “I am the Spiritual leader and CEO of me!” I just love it. Ariel, your belief is a visualisation of this moment that is now! This is the vision that changed your entire perception about your past condition.
    Sometimes we are given a test in life to challenge our desire to move beyond the realm of our life destiny.
    Emancipation of Self of what Bob Marley called “Mental Slavery.” This is so compelling. We all can vouch to that. I really love the quotes. “Our legacy is every life we touch.” Maya Angelou Sure enough you are a perfect model to that.
    Lastly, I really love the gift shop. The product line of CBD Hemp oil is the next best thing to market…
    I will end this thought with my love and gratitude.
    Louisa B Second Best

    1. Hello Louisa, wow thank you for all your supportive and kind words. I think it takes one to know one..I am so glad we are getting to know each other. I look forward to our upcoming chats. And it means so much to me that you are seeing what I am doing,
      I truly believe we are the change we are seeking. And I can see you are an amazing role model.
      I am loving my new journey. which everyday is really one isn’t it?
      May your journey fill you up in ways that just overflow your cup!
      In peace and gratitude,ariel

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