Are you Dealing With Uncomfortable Pain?

Are you Dealing With Uncomfortable Pain?

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Are you dealing with uncomfortable pain that you are not sure what to do about it? 

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All of us as we get,umm older, grin, find that our bodies are changing. And in that change sometimes we find unexplained uncomfortable pain. We can either ignore it or look to see if we can find help and explanation.

helping through uncomfortable pain

As an adult, it’s fair to say that you are probably used to take care of yourself. After all, we’ve all learned a few self-care tips from our parents!

As a result, you have an intuitive understanding of illnesses, and even though you may not be able to tell exactly what kind of cold you’ve caught, you know whether it’s a serious complaint or whether it’s going to be over in a matter of days.

A lot of our medical knowledge comes from our education and from the way society reacts to specific health issues. Consequently, you are happy to laugh a cold off or to look for soothing lavender oil when you’re trying to relax at home.

For example, as you’ve learned by reproducing the most common behaviors around you. However, social reactions to specific health complaints can make it more difficult to handle.

Indeed, there is such a thing as social criticism about common issues.

For a lot of individuals, catching the wrong bug can be devastating, not only physically but also socially and emotionally. They feel judged and mocked for it. So, it’s important to debunk some social health myths!


uncomfortable pain and stress


Arthritis doesn’t mean old age disease

Joint pain is often associated with old age. In reality, arthritis relates to an inflammation of the joint cartilage, which, while it occurs more frequently for seniors.

Is in no way connected to the aging process. As your joints are made of 60% water, it’s fair to say that the most common reason for painful joints is dehydration, which can occur at any age.

Additionally, there are other factors such as intense exercises, high pressure or an infection. You can handle the issue naturally, if it isn’t too severe, using home remedies.

As arthritis causes stiffness in the joint, getting support can be useful to relieve the pain and help reduce the inflammation.

Following a targeted diet to reduce the swelling with a lot of vegetables can have rapid and lasting effects, so that you may not need to see a doctor.

Do try turmeric and ginger to cut down on the inflammation. Use it sprinkled on foods or smoothies. Or make tea with both and add a bit of honey. Yum, and the pain will be lessened.

Also, if you do have arthitis as we all do, stay away from nightshades. Potatoes, tomatoes,peppers. They add inflammation. I know, I still crave those french fries. LOL. But to me its not worth the added pain.

Nobody is making fun of intimate uncomfortable  pain

Everyone feels a little awkward when it comes to discussing pains in the reproductive organs.

Unfortunately, the social consensus maintains that reproductive organs are evil – which is a lasting cliché from the Victorian period.

Consequently, a lot of people feel too ashamed to consult a urologist. Don’t wait to book an appointment. No doctor will judge you; it’s their role to help you understand the pain and manage or remove it.

No, you’re not JUST fat!

uncomfortable pain and weight gain

Admittedly, when you’ve been struggling to lose weight for ages and you haven’t been successful, it’s easy to feel like a failure.

In fact, despite what modern society claims, most fashion and beauty magazines continue to promote an image of extreme slimness.

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Those who can’t meet the social expectations feel like a failure and blame themselves for it. However, weight gain can be caused by a variety of factors that are not under your control.

Don’t be ashamed of yourself for struggling with weight loss, as this might be the sign of a health issue.

From thyroid troubles to SIBO – small intestinal bacterial overgrowth – a doctor could help you to solve your weight gain mystery and get your life back on track.

In short, forget about social expectations. Your health is no judgement on your person. Take care of yourself; it’s all that matters!


When I was in my throes of coming to grips with living in chronic constant pain, I found two great resources. Visualization and meditation. I learned how to see the pain not as the enemy but as my partner in getting well.

I started to visualize how my body was just wanting me to know that this pain was to something that needed attention. So visualizing on giving my body love and attention, changed the pain level.

And of course getting into meditation was a life saver for me. Literally it allowed me to redirect my focus to a space that was not in pain, but rather compassion focused.

Meditation a most effective way to change your neuropathways.Did you know that? So that means that although at times it feels like our thought patterns cannot change . That is no longer the truth.

WE can actually grow and change our own neuropathways just through meditation.

More on meditation here. 


In dealing with unfortable pain, we have choices don’t we? We can either ignore it or find the solution. For me, I would rather find a solution. And find it through your own methods also. Whether research or meditation.

Especially if you are having intimate pain that is not making life easy. Try not to be so embarrassed  that we cannot ask or seek help. After all living with uncomfortable pain is not how life needs to flow, is it?

So how do you deal with pain and unexplained pain? What are your remedies?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO

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