Are We Dealing with the Root or just the Symptoms?

Are We Dealing with the Root or just the Symptoms?

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Are we dealing with the root or just the symptoms of our lives? When we are looking for solutions in our lives, do we really want just to ease away the symptoms or get to the root of the cause?


We all live in a space of stress. And how we choose to deal with it is either getting to the root or just the symptoms. After watching this video I thought this was so profoundly soothing. How often do we say I will just find something to soothe me rather than deal head on with the problem or get to the root?

And it lead me down this path, of realizing we are not our symptoms. But our symptoms are what we pay attention to when they occur.

So are we dealing with the root or the just symptoms?

At what point do we listen to what is really being said?

If my heart is aching, do I just pop another chocolate or sip of wine?

Or do I take the time to find out what my heart needs?

And since as Jay Shetty says, it is our breath that stays with us, as our only constant through our life. Using our breath can also change our lives.

root or just the symptoms

For instance, have you tried this? You know when we get stressed and we take 3 breaths and our bodies become regulated again and full of more ease?

What would it be like if we did the same thing with every time a symptom comes up?We could then deal directly with the root or just the symptoms.

We can take the time to use our breath to heal. And then we take a moment of meditation to find out what this root problem is that is pulling at us.

So let’s try something. Ready?

Find a comfortable place to sit.

Take those wonderful deep 3 breaths.

Let them out slowly.

Feel your body relax.

root or just the symptom

Now take that breath and place it deep within your heart.

Can you feel it there?

Can you see it ?

When you can see it, send it love.

What color is that love you are sending to your heart?

root or just the symptom

Now ask your heart what it needs to heal.

I know this might feel a bit uncomfortable if you haven’t done this before. But realize that when we are asking, we will get answers.

And the answer comes in softness. So listen closely and do not discount what you are hearing, OK?

It is just the knowing that as we sit in the stillness, we are able to hear that inner guidance. And then be willing to act on what we hear. Do you think you can do that?

When we get an answer, we then have the choice to look at what needs to happen.

For instance should the answer come back, as, we are needing to let go of something that we have held on to for a long time. That might not sound like what we were looking for. But it is exactly what we need. Letting go. And there in is the root.

roots or just the symptoms

But it does correlate with getting to the root or just the symptoms? 

Does that make sense? Especially if we are holding on to something that no longer serves us.

So do try this exercise and meditation and see if that helps discern how we get to deal with the root of problems instead of just treating the symptoms.

Slowly take three breaths again and find your center.

Send breath to your center, (around your naval). This is for grounding and understanding.

When you have gotten the information that you need, do thank your body for the gifts it has given. And then in turn make a promise to your body and heart that you are committed to healing the root and no longer the symptom.

Let me know how this works for you please.

And isn’t it a bit of a metaphor for how we are choosing to live our lives?

root or just the symptoms


How often, especially in Western Society do we accept that if we have a fever we just have to treat the fever? Yet the fever is just our body saying I am trying to readjust something that is going on.

So if we treat the fever with medication, we no longer let our body do the work it needs to be doing to walk us into  full health and healing.

Isn’t that similar at times to how we live our lives?

Its so much easier to throw a band aid on then to find out why the cut happened, isn’t it?

So this is my wish for this day.

root or just the symptoms

Let’s take a moment to see our lives for not the external reactions that are taking place. But look so much deeper into the root of the action.

And I think that takes courage on our part, do you agree?

That rather than just put on a salve we are willing to find that space that truly needs healing. That was we are dealing with the root and not just the symptoms. 

To me the added gift of handling life this way, is that we are always being completely and truthfully open to whatever comes our way.

There is no longer a cover up. We are willing to see.

And isn’t that just how we would really want to live?

root or just the symptoms

ALLOWING SPIRIT TO GUIDE US to the root rather than just the symptoms.

When we are willing to really listen, we then are allowing Spirit to guide us. And through this process we learn how to compassionately love our selves to the root.

This is a lifelong journey. A space where we are willing to trust Spirit and the Universe to show us all that we need to know. It is our commitment to our inner truth when we allow this information to flow through us.

It changes our world.

SUMMARY, dealing with the root or just the symptoms

As we go through this journey we call life, we are often confronted with symptoms of discomfort and dis-ease. The dilemma is whether or not we make the choice to discern the root or just treat the symptoms.

By doing meditation and teaching our selves to really hear our inner Spirit guidance, we are able to then get to the root of the problem and find our way to healing.

In this space we change our lives and our hearts.And we have fully opened ourselves up to living in full partnership with Spirit.

Do try this meditation daily and see if you are able to tune in to the beauty of inner guidance. And then be willing to follow up and do what is asked.

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root or just the symptoms

Through this process we find comfort and know we are no longer superficially treating our symptoms but instread we are the co creators of our own stellar inner and physical health.

What do you think? Are you willing to try this and explore options ?

I really want to know if this works for you. Or is you have another method ?

If you are ready to move forward and start a new life and occupation also, join me in writing for a living. Click here for more information. 

Just remember we are not our symptoms, but we are our root heart. Nurture it. For that is what nurtures us, yes? Living in our root or just dealing with the symptoms? How are you with dealing with the root or just the symptoms? 

In peace and gratitude and stellar health!


Founder, CEO,

living one heart-centric moment at a time!


23 thoughts on “Are We Dealing with the Root or just the Symptoms?

  1. This is immensely profound, Ariel. We, in this society today, get caught up in taking care of our ailments quickly with what you said “a band-aid”. If you think about the fact that many medications only treat the symptoms and are not a cure. How do we elicit a cure? From within, of course.

    I also loved the meditation…that is the medication I prefer.

    1. Hello Sue, so many thanks for being here. And yes, when we only take of the band aid we are not giving our hearts the homage it deserves. So glad you liked the peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. A lovely post, Ariel.
    I am so in tune with what you say, about quietly opening up to listen to what Spirit and the Universe has to tell me. It is amazing what I hear. Whenever I take the time, when something – or especially someone – is bothering me, when I take the personal timeout, to meditatively listen, I can get to the root of what it is about ME that I can adjust so the bother goes away. Thank you!

    1. Hello Annie, I am so apparently in tune with you too!And you are so right, when we are willing to be willing to let go and truly listen, it is amazing what comes forward. Gifts indeed. So glad you are here. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  3. Meditation isn’t something that I’ve ever really done before. I have always been too ‘busy’ to give it a thought. Maybe it’s time I give it a try!

    1. Hello Joseph, I hope you do! And I am here if there is anyway I can help. It is amazing how it changes our bodies and thoughts. Let me know how it goes please. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hi Ariel,

    It was an interesting read. Thank you.
    I am a common-sense-oriented atheist. I said that so that you understand that I am not from meditation and spiritual healing world. However, I can totally relate to most of your article. I may have different perspectives on why some people are able to stay whole – no matter what disaster and grief happen in their lives, and others fall apart from a minimal discomfort.

    Even though I have no relation to monks, I totally support their breathing theory, and there is a scientific explanation for it. I totally agree with you and Jay Shetty that when trying to heal something, we need to treat the roots, and not the treetop – the symptoms. All my life, in every unhealthy situation, I’ve looked for the wounded or broken roots. I often felt alone: nobody around seemed to grasp the idea that making symptoms go away is not a solution. In most cases, finding and curing the cause (I call it ‘common sense’) helps to make the best possible decisions and move on. I have a challenging life, but I always felt whole… until recently, when I discovered that not every heart’s wound can be healed or even patched, and it’s not time yet for letting go…

    1. Hello Julia, so many thanks for stopping by and sharing all of this. I hear you..and I am sending huge hugs. I know life is a challenge. It is also about seeing the gratitude in all that comes. In my long years of being ill, I learned that. And it has served me well.

      NOthing is so hard anymore. And yet I so understand that wounds are also where the light can be shone the brightest…when we do so without judgment or expectation. Sometimes that wound is just a reminder of how big our hearts are. I hope we get to chat again soon.

      And that my hope for you is that it is not about healing the is about how we are choosing to deal with it..does that make sense? I wish you great joy, ease and comfort. And breathing is our life. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  5. In our anguish and in our anxiety, we definitely want something to treat the symptoms. As you say, we can change that by seeking a quiet place, working on the breathing, learning what the root of the problem is and seeking a peaceful outcome. What a wonderful resolution you offer. I am getting started on it. Thank you.

    1. Hello Tanya, I am so happy to see you stopped by. How are you?
      I think that is true we are always wanting the quick fix or salve rather than the solution. Yes to breathing and stillness. I wish you sweet times. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  6. This is so beautiful, Ariel. So many of our western medicine remedies only treat or mask the symptoms and we never consider why our body is reacting the way it is. There are many healthy alternatives, the major one is going within and finding what our body is crying out for.
    Excellent article, Ariel.

    1. Hello Sue, so many thanks for your kind and supportive words. It has certainly changed my life to be in a space that allows for stillness and breath. And being able to listen to our soul is always the light..yes? In peace and gratitude,ariel

  7. Hi Ariel,
    I can relate to your article. I practice meditation myself daily. One of the things I have struggled with at times is clearing chakras. Root issues usually cause for blockages there. I find I often focus so much on “thinking I know what the root causes are” that I forget to let the true answer come.
    Your article gave a new perspective that I think can really help me to link in better. I appreciate your perspectives and greatly enjoy your site.

    1. Hello Christina, I think you said it so well. We do indeed thik we have to know, rather that just listen and let it be. I am happy this helped. I would really like to know how it works for you. So happy that you stopped by. I wish you great ease comfort and hearing. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

  8. Thank you so much for this beautiful article, Ariel. I have only scratched the surface of meditation in my past, so I really enjoy the part of your article that talks about breathing. When I am stressed, I have a tendency to do what my grandmother called, sighing. It’s my breathing, but it comes from a place of despair instead of comfort. Now that I know about taking three deep breathes, I will concentrate on doing that instead, since I now know it is beneficial for the body.

    Once again, thank you for this insightful article.

    Warm Regards,

    1. Hello Yvette, so happy to see you hear again..and we get to chat! I know we so do forget to take our breaths and really give our bodies and heads a break. Do let me know how it goes for you. Thanks as always for your support. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  9. This is a great article Ariel, I enjoyed reading, for it is the truth. We can help heal ourselves with meditation , or just using our own mind and body. Focus is everything.

    1. Hello Fred, so many thanks for popping by. I am so glad you enjoyed this article. You are so right focus is exactly everything. Our choices in what we focus on is paramount to our health and vibrancy. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  10. Wow! Just Wow. What a simple but profound statement – breathe. I started the year off well with taking time to meditate and to find things to be grateful about. As the weeks and months have moved on I have somehow stopped this. Thank you so much for making me stop and take stock of where I am and where I need to be!

  11. Thanks Ariel. Great post. I really liked the video.
    I sat at my desk, very quietly and took a three giant breathes in and out.
    You are right… a calmness did come over me.
    It made me realise as well that when we are at our computer we hunch our shoulders over so we can type. This is something I will need to keep an eye on.
    Thanks for sharing.

  12. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for the detailed post on “ARE WE DEALING WITH THE ROOT OR JUST THE SYMPTOMS?”

    Indeed thanks for bringing to light the importance of dealing with the root cause. Only by dealing with the root cause we will be in a better position to rectify the actual problem.

    “By doing meditation and teaching our selves to really hear our inner Spirit guidance, we are able to then get to the root of the problem and find our way to healing.” this is amazing and a great way. I need to implement it.

    Your Friend,

  13. Hi Ariel,
    You have an amazing website with a powerful message of healing. As I deal with pain management in my niche, your words resonate and I’ll be returning often.
    Pain sufferers, to illustrate, have found that meditation and visualization techniques such as guided imagery have helped lesson the pain.
    Also consider this: Studies have shown that “positive thoughts can effect the flow of blood in our body and the health of our cells”. So in some cases the root of an illness can come from within and so the true cure may be to heal within.

    1. Hello Thabo, I so agree with you. I have found in my own healing process that not only am I not my physical ailments but that I have the capacity to change what is happening. And being positive and being around positive people really help to get us to a space of great thriving and vibrancy. I am so happy you stopped by. Thank you so very much. I hope you come back soon. I will also check out your site. IN peace and gratitude, ariel

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