ABUNDANT BELIEF SYSTEM, are we believing WE CAN live in abundance?

ABUNDANT BELIEF SYSTEM, are we believing WE CAN live in abundance?

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Last night when I could not quite get my head to sleep, I switched to YouTube. Gabrielle Bernstein came on to my screen.

And my first response was, wow, abundance that is a loaded word.

Do we have an abundant belief system? Are we believing we can live in abundance? Do I?


It can be a really magical word. Or a word that victimizes. So I had to think about what abundance really means to me.

My first thought was we live in amazing abundance. We have abundance of breath, and blood cells that keep our bodies running. We have abundance of gratitude when we choose to call on it.

We have abundance of air to fill our lungs. Most of us have a heart, that no matter what, keeps beating in abundance.

We live on a planet that has an abundance of gorgeous trees and starry nights. We can take a small walk and pick a flower. Abundance is surrounding us.

Is that what we mean by abundance? Or is abundance much more global, or singular in thought?

What are the layers of abundance in our lives?

My friend J, put it very succinctly. Abundance is a symptom of our self-love.

Huh! That is really an in depth emotionally laden definition.
So if I am not in a space of loving myself, I am not living in abundance?

Going by that definition, we are then needing to really do some self-love insight work.

Does our sense of abundance or lack of, come from our upbringing or from our hearts?


Arghh! Another moment of do I really want to explore this thought? I am sure many of us have heard that money does not grow on trees. And so it taught us that we must be more frugal and careful with how we use money. But yet we still look for the tree that grows cash.

So there is a dichotomy of split thought. I know money does not grow on trees. I also know that money is not the energetic representation of my heart.

So does resistance of abundance also come from my heart? If I see myself as spiritual then I have been taught that money is an oxymoron to me. But how ridiculous is that? Money is just another energetic exchange. How can I endow money or abundance with traits that energy does not hold?

If I choose to truly live in my gifts, that places value on my heart. That value is worthy of being and living in abundance. When I choose to turn off the abundance of finances, am I saying then I am not worthy?

And how did money become the god? How is it that we revere our celebrities for their fame and wealth? Yet we do not always look into their hearts.

Or  can it be the symbol of self loathing? I am not good enough, therefore I do not deserve abundance.

Nope, nope, nope!

I am sharing my gifts, as they come to show themselves, because they are gifts. And they are a gift from the Universe.

When I choose to show my gifts, there is a service exchange. I am offering a service, and the response is to offer a service back. So money exchange is just that. An exchange of service offerings.

Money does not have any negative meaning unless we decide it does.

Why do we rail against it? Like the artist who believes he is selling out if he lives in wealth? The only one he is selling out is himself. He made the decision to live in discomfort and poverty. Does that make us more spiritually aware or spiritually bereft?

Societally, we have been made to believe that those that make huge amounts of money are better that those that do not. It is not that easy.

We can only live in those boxes if it fits our thoughts.


We can begin to see that cultivating self-love is the garden of our hearts. We cannot thrive if we simply cannot give ourselves the love and care of nurturing. Our garden will wilt.

So what happens when we think we are not worthy of living in abundance? We lose our self-love. We choose to determine an outcome that is not in our best interest.

Steps to cultivating self-love:




Opening our hearts to see our worth.

Letting go of self limiting beliefs.

Loving ourselves so hard that only love will dare to touch us.


We are creatures of great hope. We strive to find our way to live easier and more loving. It is our nature. Allowing ourselves to move into abundance removes all road blocks.

Perhaps there is a way to look at our thoughts and ask what is holding us back?

Where am I not allowing myself to soak in abundance? Did I somewhere decide that settling is easy?

You know that feeling of a bit of dread in our stomachs when its time for monthly bills? Will there be enough to pay for everything, or will I just have to forego things this month. That feeling is a belief that there will not be enough.

Yet we inherently know that the Universe never lets us down. There is always enough, if we choose to see the flow.

When we open up our hearts, we unleash the blocks that are holding us back. We are saying I am here ready to stand in my own light and flow in abundance.

It means we no longer spend our days angsting about not enough

Rather we focus on more than enough. We focus on abundance. We are worthy of living in ease. Of finding the way to promote our gifts through loving and peaceful ways that is a true symptom of our self-love.

It is our willingness to sit back and admire our positive belief system of knowing we flow in abundance. Letting go of judgment of haves or haves not.

It is about seeing into our own hearts that love is abundant.

We make that choice to step into abundance. When we do that, our world changes.


This is not about expecting the universe to bring us a winning lottery ticket.

It is about each of us knowing we are worthy of living in the land of self-love. And each day, knowing that we are flowing in abundance, we do not hold on tightly to that which we can share.

So share something today. There is so much more coming. There is enough food to go around. Just share. Change someone’s life today.

Try this as an affirmation for a week. See what happens.
I am living in the abundance of my own self-love. I love this flow.


Share your revelations below! I cannot wait to hear how your world changes!

In peace, gratitude and lovely flowing abundance,

Founder, success-full-living.com

Living one heart-centric moment at a time!










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