A JOURNEY IN SUCCESS, Starts with Kindness

A JOURNEY IN SUCCESS, Starts with Kindness

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Did you know that Google did research to determine what is most effective in their teams ability to succeed? It was called Project Aristotle. They spent years and loads of money, on this research. Can you guess what the surprising result was? Nope, it was not financial. Nope, it was not social.

It was, wait for the drum roll please, kindness!

Simple kindness. The same thing that we are taught from the first moment we utter a sound.

Can you imagine their surprise that efficacy was determined by kindness? Wow, that turns capitalism on its head, yes? A journey in success, it starts with kindness. I adore the irony of the study’s findings, don’t you?

And it was also noted in another study that people preferred their leader or bosses to be compassionate. The concept of compassionate leadership is not new. But seems to have devolved in the last years.

In reality, we all want our bosses or leaders to lead with compassion. Don’t we? Have you noticed that when someone is kind, we actually feel a glow inside our bodies? Whereas if someone is acting quite the opposite we feel cold,heavy and isolated.

How do we really want to participate in the world?


compassionate leaders


I think that goes for our personal outlook as well. I want to be with people who lead with compassion and kindness, don’t you? I mean how many of us have spent time with people who are less than compassionate and how it changed our day.

So perhaps it is the perfect time for a compassionate kindness project? I know, I hear some of you,  get off your rose colored glasses soapbox.

But you know what? Kindness is healing. Kindness builds hearts and souls. Kindness is the balm to connection and community.

And I will fully disclose here, I really like, and thrive, being in the mode of kindness. Do you?

Have you noticed this? That when we are in a state of kindness, we are larger givers of comfort and ease. We smile more. We participate in joy. And we are living in a state of gratitude. It is an amazing life changer.

Have you heard of this? I have heard of some Facebook projects where people have painted stones with affirmations and then hid them. Kids find them and talk about the affirmation. And try to collect as many rocks as possible. It sets the stage for learning how to pay it forward.

kindness rock project

What would and could we do as adults?


I would like to think that we, as the ones most responsible for how our world is thriving, are willing to take a chance to rise up. It is such a simple act. Just standing up for being our kindest and witnessing random compassionate acts. All day long. We can bear witness to seeing others doing simple sweet things for each other.

From helping someone out of their chair, to sharing smiles, or mentoring a young person. It is so simple. It does not take much time. And we can record these acts or just bear witness.

Can you imagine if we, all over the world, took just one hour of each day to record a kindness of one person to another? Can we possibly imagine the impact it would have?

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Here we go, the cure to the dislocated and disenfranchised. Do we realize the type of power we have in our hearts to truly make this a phenomenal change?

And I do not know about you, but for me, this type of project really gets my soul soaring. The concept that we always have in our hands and hearts the ability to truly change our world, well what is more empowering than that?

And in this moment, our own legend gives birth.  What does your legend look like? The proverbial but true hero’s/heroine’s journey.

Have you fed your priceless internal journey today?

I know that this sounds very idealistic.  And, well, it is not a new thought. Or even original. But it dawns on me, it keeps staying in our periphery for a reason. Doesn’t it?

Did you know there is such a thing as World Kindness Day?

Have you ever observed it?

world kindness poster


I thought it was just a bit of a commercial Hallmark moment when I read that there is such a thing as a yearly World Kindness day. According to Wikipedia it was established in 1998. And it is observed November 13th every year. It was introduced by a coalition of NGO’s known as World Kindness Movement.



According to Wikipedia, hugs and kindness cards are handed out. As well as recognizing acts of kindness in communities. What a lovely day. To know that every moment of that day, we are all being held in compassionate kindness. What would that be like if we were willing to expand it to more than one day? Two days? One week? One month? Or 365 days per year?

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Can you possibly imagine the impact? How would we feel deep inside our true hearts?

And here is also the disclaimer. If we are not kind within ourselves, we are not truly achieving kindness in the world. So please extend kindness to yourself. It is vitally important to all of us.

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Forever we have heard this echoed in our hearts and minds. The question is are we willing to take this on? This is truly powerful. Just the fact we are choosing to make this stance and change in ourselves is a monument to our true natures.

So what is it going to take? What do we need to simply bless each other? What do we need to simply learn to smile instead of frowning? What does it take to know that each person we see, is a mirror of our connection to our own divinity and the universe?

There is a country that we have all heard about, it is called Bhutan. Its Gross National Product, GNP, is happiness.
Yup, Happiness.

Does that sound appealing to you? Just the concept that living in happiness, is a possibility is to some of us beyond comprehension. But it was our making to not choose happiness.

So Let’s reverse this trend. We rise up. We act in kindness. We talk in kindness, We love in simple random acts of compassion. Wow, look at us! We are truly changing the world.

If you are part of a community, ask the community to join in this project. If you are part of a faith group, ask them to join in this project. If you work in an office, ask them to work on this project. And if your boss is skeptical, cite the google project.

Where ever you go daily, ask people to join in. Create your own happiness cards and pass them out. Use loads of colors and put simple affirmations on each card. Or buy them here from Amazon, and surprise people with options of joy.

There is no way we cannot make these changes. It just takes such a simple act of compassionate kindness. And if you need to, create a reward system for yourself or your community to enhance the project. It can be a large reward or a fabulous chocolate.


At each moment of each day we have the choice to see kindness or see darkness. It is within our grasp to see simple kindness. Whether we opt for that choice is a testament to how we are choosing to live.
Try this twice a day.

When you pass someone, either in a car or walking. Simply say to yourself with a smile on your face, May you be blessed. May you be blessed. Feel the difference in your body as you say this. It releases a sense of endorphins of well-being. You will feel lighter. And happier. So blessing another, is a gift to you too.

If you find yourself going into a reaction that is not kindness, quickly say to yourself, May I be blessed. May I be blessed. You will feel a letting go of what was going to happen and instead find a sense of gratitude and comfort. It is actually giving yourself compassionate kindness. When have we been taught to do that before?

Do this for a week, at least twice a day. You will be amazed at how much more compassionate your inner world will be.

Let me know what reactions happen for you.

compassionate kindness

When I was in the throes of being so very ill., and not able to leave my house. I knew that what I needed was hope, kindness and light. So I started making what I call rainbow catchers.

I wove jewelry wire into designs, and added beautiful faceted large prisms. I hung them all around my windows. And then each day, when I least expected it. Light would shine through my windows, and I would have floods of rainbows everywhere. Dancing on the walls and floors.

It gave me such a sense of hope awe and beauty.

So there it is. The light is awaiting us. We just need to step into it.

This is our true divine nature, isn’t it? I know it is beckoning me. Can you feel it?


There is not just one season of compassionate kindness. It is a daily practice. It is a continuous way of showing that kindness is our Gross National Product of every nation.

Even the fact that Google spent huge amounts of money on a research project to prove what we innately know. When we are kind to each other, our worlds flow.

So Let’s join reins and hold each others hearts. We have the capacity to make each day World Kindness Day. Just saying it makes me smile. Does it work for you? What are you waiting for? I see someone standing next to you awaiting your beautiful smile.

May you always know how very important and blessed you are. And may your choices be responsible for changing your world to a place that just shimmers in simple kindness.

Thank you so much for being here. I truly expect a worldwide movement to happen.

And just think, WE all started it here. We are the path forgers!

Because, this rose is for you! With much love and a hug.

a rose for you
In peace and gratitude,

Founder, success-full-living.com, living one heart-centric moment at a time

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6 thoughts on “A JOURNEY IN SUCCESS, Starts with Kindness

    1. Hello Kayla! Isn’t it so amazing how quickly our mindsets change when kindness happens?? Thanks so much for being here. Lovely to meet you. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Best wishes for loads of kindness in your life, ariel

  1. Wow! Great post!
    It’s so refreshing to read such a positive post in a world that seems to be filled with so much negativity at the moment.
    I totally agree with the fact that kindness is so important in success because it allows you to work with a positive mindset, understand other people’s point of views, and work with reason.

    1. Hello Jonathon! I am so happy to meet you. Thanks so much for stopping by. Thank you for your kind words. And you said it so well. It is the open door to connection and success. I look forward to speaking with you again. Best wishes, ariel

    1. Hello Mark, Thank you so much for visiting. You are so right, it is the simple kindness that truly uplifts our hearts and our days. I am delighted to meet you. Thanks for being here. I hope you will come back. Do you have a specific way of kindness?

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