HOW TO MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR LIFE, a change friendly environment

HOW TO MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR LIFE, a change friendly environment

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My friend J and I spend loads of time talking about personal change. You know the drill. We pick ourselves apart and then figure out what kind of super glue we need to fix the crack. So helpful! Not always.

But it started yet another thought. When do we see change as friendly rather than difficult? How do we makes changes to our lives?
I mean deciding to lose 20 pounds is not as much fun as sitting down with a huge bowl of dripping fat popcorn. I get that.


Just imagine creating for ourselves a welcome place that we called: A CHANGE FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENT.

In this space we easily evolve, coming closer and closer to consistent living in our higher selves.

Can’t you just see the space? High ceilings, loads of natural light, sweet music, comfortable chairs, laughter and beautifully colored walls, huge windows.

Or maybe it is even an outdoor gazebo with gorgeous brightly colored flowers blowing in the wind, or perhaps a panorama perched in the mountains with a stream flowing nearby.

Pick your space of inspiration and comfort. But it has to be a space. A definitive space that is ours alone. Did you pick your space ? Can you see it?

place of change

And we can only go into the space when we know we are ready to metamorphose into a new thought or change. There is a level of shall we say, umm, commitment?

Oh and of course, to get into this space, we have to create a secret code. Another level to determination. It’s password specific. And, we have to pick a password that signals our willingness.

(Of course, even here there are some rules!)

I am picking “yesIcan” as my password. What is yours? Got it?

OK. Let’s input the code.
And wait for that in between second. You know that moment, holding our breath wondering if we even have the right password. Where is the phone that holds all of our passwords?

Oh look! Voila! The door swings open.

A small moment of relief and jubilation.
Then uh oh… a little bit of a knot in my chest, I just remembered I entered for change!
Dread. Dread. Dread.

Nope. It’s a change friendly environment!

NO dread allowed. NO misgivings. NO shoulds. NO oughts.NO fear.
But a sense of humor is an absolute requirement, I am guessing!

Here we go! Take a breath. Okay, maybe more than one breath.

No, nope, no looking backwards! Did I see you looking backwards? Uh uh!
Fasten your seat belts, right from the start, we are getting into the curriculum.

Ahh, this space is fantastic! There is plenty of air and light. It is a space of easy being. It feels so open .

Feel our bodies just releasing stress?

I might consider staying here for a bit. Oh right, I am making a CHANGE here.

Wow, wonder what is going to happen next. I sink down into a hugely overstuffed, really comfy two person arm chair. Ahh, this really feels good. I tuck my legs under me, snuggling into the chair.

Waiting expectantly, I am just looking around at the room. What am I waiting for ?

whirling lights
As if on cue, the light changes a smidgen. And I look up. It feels very safe. Not startling.

Comforting is the word I am feeling. And slowly I start to see swirling colors. As if the air became marbleized. Gorgeous colors coming in waves.

And then I feel as if I am being hugged. I look around, who is hugging me? It is actually quite a lovely sensation.

Maybe it is my tall dark and handsome?
But it feels very different from physical touch. It is so deep inside. Huh.

Then I feel a tap on my shoulder and see a child holding up a lollipop. A lollipop? A child?

There is something vaguely familiar about this child.

Then I get it, the child is a part of me.
The part that easily gave in to knowing change. Without drama. Just expanding like a sponge.

Just turning the page. Following the yellow brick road of compassionate change.

compass of change
Wow, is the metaphor? That change is our compass?
Is it really that simple?

Huh, my compass says it is due north change time.

Well alright then. This room really rocks!
I think I just might come here more often!

Will you join me?

Would really love to hear what your change friendly environment looks like! Please add your comments below. We can start a revolution. Change is our friend!

Best wishes, travel well!




















2 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR LIFE, a change friendly environment

  1. Aah, beautiful. My change-friendly environment would be a gently flowing stream, flanked by weeping willows and big old gum trees with pretty daisies and wild flowers springing up at their roots.
    Alongside the stream would be a few paths leading to very different places and experiences.
    Yet I would know deep down in my gum boots that whichever path I picked would be the right path and also that I could come back and choose a new path at any time.
    I would know and trust that change is ever changing, just like life and there is a season for everything.
    Some paths would lead me to waterfalls where life would reach a crazy pace and volume and other paths would lead me to quiet pools of water where I could enjoy rest, solace and cleansing.
    Some paths would lead to mountains I would climb and others to hot, dry savannas where I would meet all kinds of wild creatures. So many places… so many choices… all of them good. Fascinating. Divinely led.

    1. Hello Lauren! Well, may I accompany you on this trek? It sounds perfect! Thank you so much for sharing this. Yes indeed each path is always the right path. And we are only blocked by our own perception. And change is to me always divinely given. This was so beautiful! May you always be in the golden light of change and love. Thank you for being here. I would love to hear what other treks you take in your quest! In peace and gratitude, ariel

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