3 Unexpected Benefits Of Charitable Giving

3 Unexpected Benefits Of Charitable Giving

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Have you ever wondered about giving to charities? And how you would feel about doing so?

And did you realize that charitable giving is another way to live in better health and vibrancy? Now that is a lovely way to be, yes?

This is an affiliate post. That means that Ariel did not write the entire post.

There’s a great deal of beauty in the world. From the simple acts of kindness, love and sacrifice that bit by bit, little by little, make the world a better place.

To something as soul satisfying as a gorgeous sunrise, there’s a great deal to love about this planet that we all share.

Unfortunately, there’s also a lot wrong with it too… And most of it is attributable to our fellow humans. War, poverty, pollution, famine, habitat loss, disease, exploitation of vulnerable groups…

None of it is going to go away of its own accord. Fortunately, those privileged few of us in the developed world have the power to help combat these issues.

We can do this by bonding together through charitable giving. By working together, our small donations can all add up to make a big difference.

Nonetheless, in a post-recession age, many of us still endure more financial challenges than ever before and so may not be quite so quick to join the legions of generous donors.

Many of us are working harder and for longer hours than ever and many (especially the younger generation) are spending up to three times more on accommodation costs than our grandparents.

Although it may be difficult there are some wonderful and entirely unexpected benefits of giving to charity…

And did you know about micro credit giving? Or micro charity? It means that you can give small amounts towards your favorite charity without it being a huge hit to your wallet. Many places are happy to get even ten dollars!

It improves your health

Feeling powerless in the face of the world’s problems can leave us feeling anxious, stressed and irritated.

Charitable giving, on the other hand, is medically proven to reduce our stress levels and improve our general health.

In an age where it seems like we have to little money and time, hoarding both can actually negatively impact your quality of life.

Giving of these two commodities, however, actually reduces stress. This is because we have evolved to feel gratification when we do something to benefit the planet or our survival as a species.

And how many of us would just be so thrilled to know that we could indeed help others in such simple ways?

When we do something altruistic like giving to charity, we get an influx of dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.

This feel good fix can make us feel great and even help us live longer. Your blood pressure will even out, and there’s even evidence to suggest that your cells will replicate at a higher rate ensuring that you live longer.

It improves your immune system

Okay, so smoking like a chimney and drinking heavily won’t be mitigated by donating to charity, but there’s evidence to suggest that not only does giving to charity benefit your overall health, it improves your immune system.

And helps you to keep hideous diseases like cancer at bay (even if you aren’t donating to a cancer relief society).

Oxytocin levels play a part in a range of bodily functions including immune function. Thus, the Oxytocin boost can help to kick start our immune function.

Are you ready to really give your world a boost? Be a writer. Join me in this amazing adventure and help others too!

Giving can actually make you richer

Not only are there significant tax incentives to charitable giving offered by most countries, giving to charity can even improve your personal wealth.

Charitable giving stimulates parts of the brain that can make you more confident and assertive at work and in your personal life, increasing your chances of success and promotion at work, leading to more pay and prestige.


Charitable giving has so many different levels to it, doesn’t it? And as people we are instinctively wanting to help others. So in the act of doing so we know we are making the world a bit better, more loving more kind. 

And the amazing part of giving is that we are also then giving to ourselves in ways that make us so much more healthy. Talk about incentive to help others, yes?

So in charitable giving, we raise our immune system, lift our oxytocin levels and just feel over all pretty fantastic. That seems to be a win -win yes?

Now knowing that we can also give in amounts that are much easier to consider, do you think you will give more and more often?

How does this article impact the way you think about giving ? Will you consider it as an option in your life?

Have you given before to charities and experienced this sense of over all vibrancy and health?

Do share how you see our role in charitable giving and its benefits to both the giver and the receiver. After all, isn’t there such a gift in both ways?

Living our lives with purpose, love and joy…each heart-centric moment, is truly the best!

In peace and gratitude,

6 thoughts on “3 Unexpected Benefits Of Charitable Giving

  1. Ariel,
    I didn’t know that giving to charity benefits our overall health and improves our immune systems. That is great info to know. They always say the best way to get your mind off your own problems is to help someone else. I generally give through my church, we have many out reach programs that help our community. My church feeds our towns homeless on Friday evenings and we have many missions overseas that we help. It is always a good feeling when you give to help someone.

  2. So very true, Ariel. The feel-good enzyme that we produce naturally in our bodies when we do a good deed also does wonders in return – it’s like the mushroom effect!
    Great article and it has empowered me to remember to give a little more each day as I continue the journey called life.

  3. Dear Ariel,

    That’s new thing to know when you said “Charitable giving, on the other hand, is medically proven to reduce our stress levels and improve our general health.”

    I do agree with you giving have great benefits. Give and you will be given and by giving you can get more. The really pleasure is in giving not in getting. Enjoyed your post. Thanks!

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello Paul, Thanks so much for being here. Yes when we give we open our hearts and expand our lives in so many ways.And I know you would give your last penny to someone in need. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hi Ariel,
    I have always known that giving makes me feel good, and is an important part of my life…what I did not know is why! Thank you for this information.
    I so remember how, at age 4 or 5, each of my children suddenly showed complete unselfishness and generosity toward others. For me, that was a clear sign that I was doing a good job of parenting them to be whole and confident people! You have to give love to and receive love from yourself to give to others, don’t you?

    1. Oh Annie, you give me great hope hearing about your kids! I so do agree, when we give we expand our hearts and lives. And I hope each day we take that moment and run with it! So many thanks for being here my friend! In peace and gratitude, ariel

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