3 Sources Of Stress You Can Easily Get Rid Of

3 Sources Of Stress You Can Easily Get Rid Of

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Stress has become a serious problem in our society of hurry up and accomplish. At some point we have to be ready to acknowledge that we do not have to live this way. And that there are solutions. For me, I rely on meditation and taking long walks.  What really works for you?

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Stress is the number one problem that people are trying to tackle. It’s become so normalized and people just think of an incredibly stressful life as being a symptom of the modern world and, most importantly, something you just have to deal with.

When you accept that you can’t change your stressful life you open yourself up to it and it can have so many negative effects on your emotional and physical health. The thing is, you don’t have to accept your life that way. All of the things that cause us stress are things that we can change or get rid of so we can live a much happier life.

These are some of the biggest causes of stress that you can deal with today.


Financial problems are probably one of the biggest causes of stress, particularly among young people who are struggling with low wages and a rapidly increasing cost of living. There are situations where you can’t change the amount of money that you’re earning and you are going to struggle to make ends meet.

But you can make things a lot easier if you change your attitude to spending. Taking out guarantor loans or using credit cards are short term solutions to money problems that only end up getting you into a worse position. You need to change your thinking and start looking to the long term.

Make cutbacks where you can and start trying to build up some savings, even if that means you can’t go out and do fun things for a couple of months. It’s better to spend a few months being bored from time to time than it is to spend your whole life constantly stressing about money.

Having at least two months of expenses as savings in your bank, give you some breathing space. And a way to have a back up plan should you ever need it. So do figure out how to save as much as possible. For your peace of mind.

Social Pressure

Everybody seems to have an idea of what they should be doing with their life, but it’s rarely based on their own opinions. Instead, it’s based on outside pressure from friends and family members. The pressure to get a certain job, or act and dress in a certain way because that’s what other people do can be overwhelming and lead you to get very stressed about your current situation in life.

It is important to find ways to hold your own inner truth and then live it, no matter what the external pressure is like.

Comparing yourself to other people is never going to make you happy and the thing is, they’re probably doing exactly the same thing and comparing themselves to you. The only person that matters is you. If you’re happy with how things are that’s fine, if you aren’t then you need to make changes. Learning to measure success based on personal goals and ambitions rather than outside expectations is the key to living a stress free life.

Work Stress

Everybody gets stressed at work sometimes and this is one of the places that we tend to ignore it most. Work is stressful, that’s just how it is. Except, it doesn’t have to be and that’s not a healthy attitude. If you’re finding that you get home at the end of every day feeling stressed out and exhausted, something’s wrong.

You should either speak with your boss and see what they can do, or start looking for another job.

Stress isn’t a natural part of life and you don’t have to deal with it.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, it is your opportunity to shine your light. Living in doing what you are not loving, is not feeding your heart. Do find ways to listen to your heart rather than the external forces. You will end your stress that way.

How is stress impacting your life and world? What do you do to lessen it? Please share your answers and solutions here.

In peace and gratitude,


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4 thoughts on “3 Sources Of Stress You Can Easily Get Rid Of

  1. Hey there Ariel, Great post. Stress is so prevalent today it seems and attacks a person from all angles. Nothing good comes from stress and you hit on the three big ones here. The sooner a person can work to eliminate these the better he/she will be. Stress can kill you if not brought under control and the three you mention are tough to control.

    Thankfully I am free of all three of these. I worked hard to become debt free a long time ago and that is a big relief knowing that I own no one anything. It actually took retirement to get rid of the work stress so I really can’t take credit for that haha. And social pressure was never really an issue for me but I can see where it could be for many in these days. I suppose when I was younger it might have played a bit of a role in my life but back then we did not have all the social media stuff so those times have really changed over the last 20 years. So much pressure is placed on the younger generation today and I see a lot of kids having trouble handling that pressure.

    1. Hello Craig, thank you so much for being here. It is so amazing that life has become more stressful instead of less. I hope as a people we learn how to not create stress, but instead peace. No one needs pressure, but we all need compassion. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  2. Hello Ariel,

    Wow, your article on dealing with stress has been so helpful. Indeed we are not naturally born with stress and as you said we can always find some good solution to it.

    I especially like your idea on how to deal with financial stress. Yes, we can always do something about it.

    If for some reason your monthly income is lower than your expenses, then the best solution is to cut back on some of your expenses and I surely agree with you.

    Also, like you said, if your job is giving you stress like my own, I think considering working online will be the best solution, since you’re controlled by anyone – which I will soon do.

    Your blog is surely full of good information. I have bookmarked it for future reference.

    Thanks so much for sharing this useful article with me.

    1. Hello Stephen, It is really good to know that we are the master of our own universe. And the choice is always ours. We just have to be willing to step into it yes? So glad you are here and hope you do get to leave that job very soon! In peace and gratitude, ariel

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