3 Common Problems Which May Be Improved With Meditation

3 Common Problems Which May Be Improved With Meditation

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We have all heard about the impact of meditation, but how many of us have given it the time to try it? And did we know that so much of our lives could be made so much easier by incorporating meditation into our daily lives?

For me, this is my go to for everything. If I am stressed, or needing answers, or just wanting an uplift, this is the way I have found my peace. 

Meditation is a way to just simply learn how to breathe easier and be in a more peaceful place. I am a big proponent of teaching children at an early age forms of meditation.

It works as an anger management tool, and gives each child a new way to be and do life skills.

The 3 common problems that are being addressed here, are stress, depression and addiction. To me these are all parts of our lives that can be let go of through this method. Do you agree that is possible? 

Creating a daily practice of meditation, allows us to let go of all the we are thinking. Which allows us to know we have the power at any moment to change our thinking. As we are not our thoughts. We are our hearts.

My daily practice has given me the comfort that we can only get from within and knowing we are connected to the Universe.

 I so wish that for everyone. 

This is a contributed affiliate post. That means that ariel did not write the entire post. I do hope that you will find the information helpful. 

Meditation is often sold as being a cure-all for everything, and while this might not be accurate, it is certainly true that it can improve a huge number of situations, given that it is used in the right way.

As it happens, the right meditative approach can help you to live a much fuller life, and it is worth remembering that if you ever start to wonder how you can make it through a particular problem.

In this post, we are going to take a close look at a few of the common problems in life which meditation might be able to help with. Consider this if any of these might apply to you.


You can be addicted to almost anything, whether it is an illicit drug, gambling or tobacco. The only real measure of whether something is an addiction is if it is causing you a lot of trouble in your life, especially to the point of making your life miserable or unlivable.

In these circumstances, you will always want to make sure that you are doing whatever is necessary to keep a hold of the addiction and hopefully do away with it altogether.

For this, you might need to go to The Recovery Village or use the help of some friends – but you can also get a better grasp of your addiction by meditating frequently.

Meditation will help you to develop a mindfulness which can in turn lead to a better understanding of the addiction itself, thus making it easier to overcome.

Have you heard the story chop wood and carry sticks? Please read this. To me mindfulness is the ultimate clarifier and the way we can truly understand our behavior. 


For many, stress is more or less just another part of daily living. But that doesn’t mean that you should not try to master it. In fact, this should spur you on to do so if anything.

Stress is caused by many different environmental factors, but meditation may almost always be used to improve it in both the short-term and the long-term. Whatever you might be stressed about, consider setting aside some time for a daily meditation practice.

You will find that you are able to gain a much better appreciation of your stress, and learn how to keep it from developing within you without you noticing.

There are so many forms of meditation to try. Have you thought about healing with singing bowls?  This is one of my favorites. It helps to put me in a space that allows my head to empty and stay focused on the sound. If this interests you, do give it a try. 

Another form of meditation is candle gazing.  Have you tried this one? It truly gets one into that space of relaxing and letting go of all that is worrying us. Do try it, and let me know what you think please.

If you want to do what I am doing, writing for a living and helping others. Do click here!


Depression is no longer seen as something that only happens to you if you are mentally weak – and just as well, as it is actually one of the most common illnesses out there.

What’s more, it is a serious one, and if you think you might be depressed you should not fail to seek help. However, a regular meditation practice has also been shown to both prevent and treat depression effectively, and as such you should not overlook this vital natural form of medicine for the mind.

It is fairly easy to learn the basics of meditation, but once you have you can apply it to all of your bad moods, and in this way help to keep yourself happy as possible in the long term. It’s worth at least considering if you would like to try and deal with your depression as well as possible.

One of the easiest methods to begin with , is just to focus on your breathing. Taking three breaths and slowly exhaling actually changes how your body is functioning. And since breath is how our body is regulated, when we are fully mindful and conscious of how we are breathing, our lives change immediately.  

Do give it a try and see how it impacts you. And if you are feeling really stressed, do this breathing. It takes the stress away, allows for us to catch our breath and realigns our clarity and focus. 

Do give it a try and see how you feel. It is amazing what happens!


Meditation while at first was considered an out there practice. Is making its way to main stream living. And for really great reasons. It is proved to help focus, to be more relaxed , to be more mindful and it gives us a much better view of our world. 

I am a big believer that meditation can be taught as young children. That would give each child a life long skill to always know they can rely on. 

What are your thoughts on the possibility of meditation helping you to manage, anger, stress , depression and addiction?

Learning and incorporating meditation into our daily practice can alleviate so many things, but in particular 3 common problems that can be improved with meditation.  So don’t hold yourself back, give it a try please.

I would like to have this conversation with you. I think its vital for the health of each of us, to know there is a moment each day that we can set aside  to nourish, reinvigorate and lift ourselves. Do  you agree?

In peace and gratitude,

Founder, CEO, success-full-living.com

living in one heart-centric moment at a time

9 thoughts on “3 Common Problems Which May Be Improved With Meditation

  1. Lovely article, Ariel. I have tried candle-gazing, breathing exercises, walking meditation…and so forth. I agree, it is not the be-all but it sure makes you feel better!
    I think we all need to just find some time to relax and unwind – no matter what – it will always help in so many ways!

  2. Dear Ariel,

    Thanks for sharing this post and the benefits of meditation. I do agree with you when you said “Meditation while at first was considered an out there practice. Is making its way to main stream living. And for really great reasons. It is proved to help focus, to be more relaxed , to be more mindful and it gives us a much better view of our world. ”

    Your Friend,

    1. Hello Paul, I am such a strong believer in meditation. It has the capacity to truly change our thoughts our neuropathways and our lives. So hope you try. Thanks for being here. it In peace and gratitude, ariel

      1. Dear Ariel,

        Yes I do agree with you when you said “meditation has the capacity to truly change our thoughts our neuropathways and our lives” Thanks for providing these valuable information. Keep up the great work.

        Your Friend,

  3. This is a wonderful article! I have just recently started a guided meditation practice and it really does help with stress and anxiety. At first, it was a matter of learning how to breathe and to focus my attention, as you talked about with the singing bowls. But now, I am starting to feel the changes that it has made and, to be honest, at the age of 47, I’m starting to see my life, and the world, the way I did when I was much younger; full of hope and positivity and love for others. I am glad that you are promoting this way of life. I hope more people will give this a try.

    Howard S.

    1. Hello Howard, So happy to see you hear. Thanks for stopping by. Oh wow, that is so wonderful to hear May you find the path that will continue to shine your heart light of joy, positivity and compassion. Just knowing that you are making changes, encourages me. In peace and gratitude, ariel

  4. Hi Ariel,
    I so agree with you on the many benefits of meditation. It is something I practice regularly. Not only does it provide a space of calm and peace, but connection with my Source for inspiration, growth and unfolding to be the best I can be.
    Thankfully, growing is a lifelong process, since there is a really long way to go!
    I absolutely agree about teaching children how to meditate so they can have lifelong benefits. I am thankful that the practice of meditation is becoming more and more mainstreamed!

    1. Hello Annie, I know.. I am thrilled that meditation is becoming more mainstream. I remember teaching breathing to my children when they were so little..especially before bed.. they slept so much easier and longer. And yes we no longer see ourselves as separated from Source. And what a blessing that is..yes? In peace and gratitude,ariel

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