13 Holistic Ways To Reduce Physical Pain In Your Life

13 Holistic Ways To Reduce Physical Pain In Your Life

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When we are in pain, there are many ways to deal with our discomfort. Here are some things to think about that are not conventional medications ideas, but rather those than can help you make choices that suit your body and needs. 

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If you’re living with pain, whether mild or severe, there are holistic approaches you can take to reducing it and living a better quality of life. Now, this isn’t to say you should stop taking any medication immediately.

Sometimes medication can help if you’re going through severe pain that is difficult to cope with. That being said, trying more natural methods of reducing your pain will help you to reduce pain without putting drugs into your body.

Here are a few holistic methods you can try out to see if they help to reduce your pain:

Eat Foods That Support Healing And Recovery
The food we eat makes up the majority of our body, and directly affects the way we feel. If you spend your life eating junk food, you can pretty much guarantee that you’re going to feel like junk.

Getting in your vegetables and plenty of varied, colorful foods will help you to support your body through the healing process. Even if this is pain you’re going to have to live with, eating a better diet can instantly make you feel better and therefore reduce your pain. Care for your body by putting the right foods into it.

2. Get Some Exercise
You may be limited to the exercise you can do if you’re suffering from an injury or your pain is severe. However, this doesn’t mean you should just sit around and let the pain to get the better of you.

Light exercise can be super beneficial when it comes to reducing the pain. Go for a walk, or a gentle swim. You could even try yoga, which focuses on de-stressing the mind too. Start out just a couple of times a week and work your way up if you can.

3. Try Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy can be great for things like back pain or a sudden injury. It focuses on using techniques to get you back on your feet and feeling great without taking any medication.

You can learn more here – usually, a variety of techniques are used, including massage to encourage better movement of the body, and exercise/movement tailored to the individual.

4. Make Sure You’re Getting Plenty Of Sleep
Your sleeping pattern will also play a big part in how you heal and how you feel during the day. On a day you’ve barely had any sleep, you’re going to feel more harassed by your pain compared to on a night you had a good 8 hours.

Make sure your bedroom is suitable and enhances your sleep experience and that you get into a good routine.

5. Try Meditation
Meditation has proven benefits, yet people still put it off because they feel like they’re sat around doing nothing.

If people only knew all meditation could do for them, they wouldn’t feel like they were doing nothing! Start off with a few minutes a day and build yourself up. Use apps and videos online to help you.

Here are some ideas to try: Candle gazing, walking meditation, breathing meditation. 


6. Go For A Massage
Going to a skilled professional for a massage could help to loosen up the muscles and tendons and relieve you of pain. That being said, if it’s an injury you’re usually supposed to avoid massage for a while, as it can increase inflammation. Make sure you chat to a professional.


7. Reduce Your Stress Levels
Stress is a huge factor in how our bodies feel, not just in our minds but physically, too. If you’re stressed out, you’ll notice your pain more than if you are relaxed. Work on reducing the things that trigger your stress and put more of a focus on keeping yourself calm and relaxed.

8. Acupuncture
Acupuncture can be used for things like headaches, sciatica, and chronic back pain. It’s an ancient practice where tiny needles are used and inserted into points in the body to balance your energy. This method can help pain immediately, as well as the nervous system in the long run.

9. Make Sure You Have A Good Support System
You can’t see chronic pain, so other people may not fully understand what you’re going through unless you talk to them about it. Try to create your own great support system out of your family and friends. Make sure you listen to them too so it isn’t all about you – then it becomes a one sided relationship. They will be happy to support you if you do a little of the same.

10. Use Essential Oils
There are essential oils out there that have been valued for their pain relieving effects. All you have to do is inhale them and enjoy the benefits. You can use a diffuser in your home, or there are even portable aromatherapy devices that you can use now.

11. Try Water Therapy
Having a soak in a warm bath with salts from time to time can help with muscle pain and different types of arthritis. A deep bathtub will work wonders, but you can also use a whirlpool tub or a warm pool.

vintage bath for healling

12. Herbal Remedies
Herbal remedies can help you to reduce inflammation, which can worsen pain if not dealt with.
Things like fish oils, turmeric and vitamin D are all effective. Speak to a professional if you’re not sure which herbal remedies are the best kind for you to take.

Also, ginger root is great for any type of inflammation. And my go to is arnica cream for external and internal swelling. 

13. Get Outside Every Day
We all need sunlight and fresh air to be happy. Just 10-15 minutes of exposure to the sun each day helps the body to produce Vitamin D, and those with more vitamin D in their bodies have been proven to have less pain than those with less Vitamin D.

You could even incorporate this into your daily exercise regime by going out and walking for a little while, or you could do some therapeutic gardening to help your stress levels. Find a reason to get outside, even if it’s just a short 10 minutes every day.

Which of these holistic methods for reducing physical pain will you try? Leave your thoughts below!


There are so many ways to attend to our pain level. And the choice is our as to how we want to deal with it. From water baths, to physicial therapy to meditation. 

All of these 13 options offer relief. I do hope they will work for you. I would like to hear which you might try. 

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