10 Positive Coping Skills

10 Positive Coping Skills

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Hmm, each day of this thing we call the journey of life, we are confronted with options. Whether to see them as obstacles or gifts. We all find our own coping mechanisms. Sometimes they are positive coping skills, other times perhaps not.

So what do we do about changing them to positive to make our world shine? 

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Coping vs Maladaptive  Skills

We all go through hard times in this life; in fact, it is one of the only things that we can count on. However, too many of us reach for things that can take the pain away for a little while, but leave us in a worse state physically or mentally than we were before.

This process is known as maladaptive coping, and it is the exact opposite of adaptive coping. That makes it something that should be avoided at all costs. Read on to find out why.

10 coping skills so we do not give up

What is adaptive coping?

Adaptive coping is dealing with tough times constructively and healthily. What this means is that when we are experiencing negativity such as having a bad day or going through a particularly trying time, we use ways of dealing with this that are positive and not harmful to ourselves or others.


An excellent example of the difference between adaptive and maladaptive coping mechanism is the person that has a stressful job.

One person that is experiencing work stress may take some exercise, talk to a college about the problem, or engage in meditation.

However, some one coping in a maladaptive way may reach for alcohol, drugs, or mask their feeling with food to get them through. Unfortunately, this is something that will hurt their physical and emotional well being in the long run.

Here are some options for meditation if you are interested.  Candle gazing, walking meditation. 

candle gazing for coping skills

If you know someone that is in this situation and they want to kick their harmful habits, then it can be useful to read more about the Marchman Act and the support that is available under it for additional problems.

Something that is usually the result of an extended period of using maladaptive coping mechanisms during stressful times.  

Ready? Here are the 10 Positive Coping Skills


1.Living in Gratitude

2. Living in the Present

3. Allowing our thoughts to just drift by without holding on to them

4. Exercise, like walking or what ever works for you

5.Listening to music to relax and distract

6. Create something

7. Pray, or meditate

8 Spend time in Nature

9. Meet with friends

10. Laugh more

strong coping skills

What adaptive coping isn’t

Adaptive coping isn’t just having a Pollyanna attitude though. Of course, optimistic thinking is important, but being blinding positive when things are bad can do as much hard as turning to maladaptive ways of coping.

In fact, it is important to remember for it to be genuinely adaptive it must take in the situation as it truly is, as well as the emotional and physical effects that it has on you as a person.

Why it can improve your quality of life

The reason that adaptive coping can have such a significant effect on your quality of life is two-fold. Firstly, you negate all the special damage and possible shortening of your lifespan than some of the more serious maladaptive methods like alcohol, drug, and food abuse can cause.

Secondly, learning to cope with your emotional experience in an adaptive and constructive way can free you from the tyranny of your feeling and give you back power and autonomy.

And when we are willing to step into the truth of who we are, life flows with ease.

Because we have allowed all the externalized determiners to fall away . We live as what we know is true about ourselves. Our own goodness, joy and love. 

positive coping skills


What this means is that you will be able to make decisions based on what you think is wise.  Rather than what needs are asking to be fulfilled at that specific moment in time.

You can reach a higher level of peace in your life, while ensuring that the focus of control is firmly situated within your reach.


Knowing that we can at all time access what we need to make healthy decisions that respect who we are, is the way to coping positively with our life. Learning how to make these 10 positive coping skills as part of our every day thought process is our path to love, joy and ease. 

In peace and gratitude,

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living in one heart-centric moment at a time

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  1. Interesting post, Ariel. Never heard of those terms before, especially the ‘maladaptive’ one. In any event, I love your solutions to overcome and to maintain your spiritual health. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Michelle, Thank you so much for dropping by.I know what you mean..and we all learn our own compensatory skills. don’t we? And we all have the capacity to be and fly in our own spiritual health. yes? In peace and gratitude, ariel

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